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28 Sep 2019


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I am going to keep this short as my hand has had some surgery. I was looking for a 1893 Morgan dollar for my type set album the other day. This coin is a bit pricey as there were only 378,000 minted in Philly. I ran into this cast hobo type dollar, I am calling it. I am a fan of the Mexican holiday of “Dia de los Muertos” or Day of the Dead, and Hobo Nickels after meeting "Tiny" at a Summer Seminar, so I picked it up.

27 Sep 2017

1886 VAM 21-TOP 100 GOUGE IN "M"

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Below are photos of another Morgan dollar from my VAM collection. It is a 1986 VAM-21. It has some nice dark toning and is a Top-100 in the VAM community. This particular VAM can be seen with the naked eye, on nicer grades. This one needs the help of a loupe due to the toning. One of the things that make it a VAM is on the obverse, what used to be thought to be a gouge in the"M" in Morgan's signature. It was latter determined that the gouge is in fact a MPD, misplaced digit, the bottom of an "8". Additionally there is quite a bit of doubling on the reverse. This includesdoubled "TED OF AMERICA", "AR" and "IN GOD WE TRUST". Then is, at least, tripling of the "ST" in TRUST, as well asright star and right upper wreath leaves are doubled toward rim. As a side note, this VAM was originally designated a VAM-1. This was when the MPD was thought to be simply a die gouge in the "M" in Morgan.When it was later determined to be a misplaced "8" it wasreassignedas a VAM-21. Just a little VAM history and loar. Things are always being checked and rechecked. This probably isn't the most beautiful Morgan,to most people, but I love it as it speaks to me. So much history and so much research. I hope you find it pleasingand learned a little more about VAM's. I look forward to your comments. Thanks for looking.SOURCED: www.vamworld.com

02 Jul 2016


Coins | Longstrider

So, it's been a while since I posted a new coin and I think it's time. I recently acquired this 1884 CC GSA Morgan Silver Dollar. I bought this coin from my regular coin dealer. He had set it aside for me as he knows I enjoy toned coins. Not only is this a toned Morgan, It also shows the pattern of the burlap bag it was encased in. That means it was in direct contact with the Carson City mint bag since 1884 till October 1972 when the three most common CC were auctioned off. The 1882, 83 and 84. I'm not going to go into details of the GSA sales,, it was multi tiered, but I greatly encourage anyone interested to look it up. Its CRAZY!!! Some people made a ton of money and some lost a ton, as their rare coin was no longer rare!!!!!! In 1884 the Philly mint produced approximately 14,070,000 Morgan Dollars. Of these, only 1,136,000 were minted at Carson City. Of this reduced number, only 962,638 were GSA holdings.

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