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22 Dec 2015

1917-D Standing Liberty Quarter

Coins | Longstrider

As an award for living 62 years, my wife gifted me with this exquisite 1917-D Type 1 Standing Liberty Quarter graded by PCGS as a MS 63 FH. Not bad for not dying!! This classic coin was designed by Hermon A. MacNeil. The 1916 and early 1917 Type I have Miss Liberties right breast exposed, whiched caused quite a stir at the time. It was changed in mid 1917 into the Type II covering her exposed breast and the reverse had a new arrangement of stars and the eagle is higher. It is a Classic coin. Set by the mint to be honored in 2016. Too bad it is to be minted in gold and not silver as it originally was designed! This particular coin has a mintage of 1,509,200. Uncirculated pieces with fully struck head of Liberty are worth more than double the values listed for Variety II or one fully struck heads! I'm still working on getting some acceptable photos. Help me Ian! I never thought I would own this coin. Thanks Debra!!

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