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19 Jun 2018


Coins | Longstrider

Today what I would like to be doing is standing in the air conditioned store of my coin dealer with a load of cash in my little hot hand and my wife/conscience not there to rein me in. That’s not going to happen so I am going to show you all the last coin I purchased from him. Below is my 1883-O Morgan Dollar. It is rated as an MS 64. If the pictures show it, you can see it has an unusually strong strike on the reverse. The eagles breast is high with lots of feather definition. Not usually the case from the new Orleans mint. If you have been kind enough to have read some of my past blogs, you will now I am drawn to Peace and Morgan dollars with nice toning. The reverse of this specimen has red, gold and blue on it. It appears another coin was laying across it giving it the crescent moon look. A favorite of mine. The colors, mostly the blue, are starting to come across onto the obverse. Mostly present across the date and some of the lettering on top with the entire obverse has a light golden tone.

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