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14 May 2020

A Couple Of ANA Medals From Conventions!!

Medals | Mike

Hi everyone. Hope all is well. A while ago i was serching for medals. Even though Erick Neuman said i will not collect them they have no value and are not legal tender. Wellh he was one of the greatest collector of all time. We still buy what we like. The funny part about that yes he said it but he also colle ted tokens. I own a Hardship token with his label on it.. I do like medals i have a few very nice one. And they do carry value based on the sculpture. Now if you like them Europe has some beautiful medals
Yes they do but we have great medals here also. Some numbered.. Some go to Presidents on Inaugural day. And the festivials and our anniversays. I like the ANA medals. You enlarge them.. I saw the 75 Diamond Anniversary all were missing the diamond but this one. It was held at the birth place of the ANA. I think its one of the nicest. You have a place for your name and club. .
Now they make single coins two coins and three. Now.i saw the blue one and it has scratches on the plastic. I found someone who carries them. Thats the 85 anniversary. The silver coin is antique i believe the second one is brass and the small on is copper. You can buy the one coin made for the show. They have dinner and a good time is had by all. You can buy past ones on ebay. Some are very resonable some are expensive. . I plan on picking up a couple more. Im proud to be a member of the ANA. Someday i will make one of these big affairs. So take a look you might see something you like. I always wondered why they took the diamond out? Its not worth the price of the medal!Stay Safe Were a mask thats not to much to ask for! Thanks Mik

Please enlarge pictures!!


Medals are an interesting sidebar to numismatics and it always disappoints me whenever I see Eric P. Newman's quote concerning them. It was like he was almost dismissing them as being un-important. On the other hand, it could have just been the purist in him, and his way of focusing on coins, because in the end he contributed a lot. You'd think he would have made an exception when it came to ANA medals, however.


Level 5

I have a few of these sets also. Whenever I see them at local shows I'll pick them up. I sure hope I get to pick up the 2020 in person.


Level 6

Very cool! Another interesting area of collecting. Thanks Mike!


Level 6

Enjoyed the blog. Tokens and medals have interesting stories behind them. They also bring back memories.


Level 5

Will look into purchasin the 2020 medal or medals. Might have to search for an older one so I can post about it.


Level 5

I have several ANA convention medals, and they are hard to locate after the fact. This is why I will be sure to snap up the Pittsburg medal ASAP.


Level 6

Very nice blog Mike. These are nice. I may have to look into them. Thanks as well Mokie. You answered a question on where the medal will be sold. Take care all.

The MoKe

Level 6

The ANA medals are quite beautiful and are far rarer than most can imagine. I have spoken with an expert on ANA convention medals and he said that sometimes only a couple hundred are produced. So get them while there hot and don't forget to by the 2020 Rachel Carson Pittsburgh WFM Medal, it will be sold through the ANA regardless of the disposition of the actual WFM event. Thanks for sharing your Beauties Mike B.

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