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24 Apr 2021

Kennedy's Trip To Ireland!And a Great Set

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. Recently Long Beard mentioned that the Bank of Ireland had released a set to remember Presidents Kennedy's 50 anniversary of his trip to his ancestral home in Ireland. I must admit I didn't know about it. But I did find one very fast. The set was made in 2013. It had a one ounce silver Proof coin worth 10 Euros. It also has a one gram gold 20 Euros. Now Irish gold is ten Karat but they use all karat gold... Despite its size they were able to get all the information on it. He was the first sitting President to visit Ireland. The first was Ulysses S Grant after he left office in 1879 and was on a world trip with his wife. Twenty two Presidents can trace there heritage to Ireland.that's a very impressive stat. Back to the coins. The silver is sterling .925. The gold is.999. The silver is 28.61 mm and weighs 28.8 grms. The gold is 13.92 mm and weighs 1 grm. They made ten thousand sets. ... He went to Ireland in June 26,1963.Now he has known that his family came from Country Limerick. But as soon as he landed he had a hero's welcome. The records showed he came from a small town called Bruff. Everywhere he went it was ten rows deep. He met all the dignateries. But wanted to see the sights and some Memorial places. Of the pictures below you will see the family in a seni-circle. There is an elderly woman who has the President and everyone laughing. That's the conversation i would of loved to of heard. I checked my books on Kennedy and there is no reference to the conversation. The Kennedy's left Ireland in the middle of the great starvation of Ireland in 1847 like many Irish.there population never recovered. Per capita they are 20th in population. Those who died those who left. Some say a million it's more like three and a half million. Now he was born in May 29,1917. I think we all know the day he died. November 22,1963 just four months after his visit. They cried in the streets of Ireland also. He said it was the best trip he had ever taken. Now I was reading the Irish Post two weeks ago. They had actually found the house. They were clearing overgrowth and trees and weeds when they came across a stone house outside the town of Bruff. To the record books and sure enough that was the house. I hope they fix it up and make it a landmark. It's to bad they didn't find it before he arrived there. I hope you enjoyed this small blog on our 35 President. I always wonder what the world would be today with great men like him and Dr. King. Many other men who fought for civil rights. I would like to think the world would be a better place. They were taken to soon. He got us to the Moon. And Doc. King said the way through equality is through Education. Yes it would be a better place . Well I hope you enjoyed this brief piece of history. And the wonderful coin set.Please enlarge the pictures. Thanks for taking the time. Be safe Be well.

18 Apr 2021

They Asked Me To Make A Medal!

Medals | Mike

I hope everyone is well. Now i was going thru some coins and found this medal. I knew I had written a blog on this year's ago. I went back and read it. It was awful. So I decided to write the right way.! Years ago I belonged to the Ancient Order Of Hibernians. It is an ancient order formed in 1565 by Rory Oge O'Moore.. He organized it because the BrItish were cutting the heads of Catholic Priest which was the same price as the head of the Irish Wolfhound. They say a light left on at night meant it was a safe house for.a.Priest. Now our 175 anniversary in the United States was coming up. There thinking was it you collect coins you know how to make them!.So i was volunteered to make this medal. I had no idea were to start. I knew we needed an obverse and a reverse with meaning. So i contacted our Nation Historian. Mike McCormick.. He was the best. I contacted Tom McSorley to help me with phone calls.. I called the Highland mint since I did business with them before. They were very helpful. I thought they would ask for a sculpture . You don't know what they need.Mike did his research and came up with many designs. We would disagree on this one and that one. Then he found the obverse. The American Flag and The Irish Flag from centuries before. We agreed. He added the Celtic cross above the shaking hands. Our motto Friendship ,Unity ,Christian Charity. The ribbon A.O.H. The date May 4, 1836. Now I sent it to the mint. Here was the learning part. He taught me about making the dies. How deep did we want it ? What type metal. I knew some of the process. So I just said yes. The reverse was easy . We were formed in Philadelphia and New York the same day!.So the Liberty Bell and the Statue of Liberty. Heritage and Homeland. 175 for the years. Born in Liberty in English and Gaelic.. The dates on the bottom. This did not take a week. It took months. We disagreed and agreed.The phone calls to the mint . What size do we send. Color or black and white. I asked the mint if I could have four medal made in silver proof. No problem no charge and numbered. The label says 2011 Medal.Ancient Order Of Hibernians #0002. 1OZ .999 silver PF 68 DCAM. This sounded easy but just can tell you this took six or seven months. I learned so much . From beginning to end. We ordered bronze.10,000. Now it cost if I remember 3.50 each. Or 4.00. We charged 25.00. Don't forget at this point we still defend the clergy. .But we raised funds for.charity.Any charity . . We write the checks. Everyone benifits. We never have said no to a legitimate charity. We're very proud of that. So that's an idea of some of the things . How many ? How much? Mailing, cost of shipping records. And the medal.. It's just not drawing a circle. You need a very sharp design. It couldn't be hand drawn. Putting it all together on a computer. So I saw it through. The affects of my accident had got to bad. My decades of service had to end. They did make me a life member. I had done many things for the Order. This was one of the highlights. Thanks hope you enjoyed it!So to Michael McComick who did the most. The research. He did us well with his knowledge. Without it we would still be working on it.!

02 Apr 2021


Coins | Mike

Hello I hope everyone is doing well. The title of this blog is Ireland's only commemorative coin. It is. But as we look at it you ask who is that on the obverse and what is that on the reverse. Well That is Patrick Pearse. He was the leader with 15 others who led Ireland to a battle against the British. . It was a quiet Easter Sunday. The guns the Irish Provisional army ordered from Germany who was fighting England were caught by the Britts.The captain of the ship sunk it so they could not get the guns and ammo. However they had bought some back it 1914. So it wasn't Easter Sunday it was Easter Monday when a proud man stood in the steps of the General Post Office in Dublin and read the Irish Declaration of Independance. After that all hell broke loose. Centuries of being killed and hunted down. The price of a head of a Catholic Priest was the same as the Irish Wolfhound. The atrocities to many to mention. They were only able to get two thousand freedom fighters against twenty thousand British soldiers. That didn't stop them. Michael Collins was in charge of the Irish brotherhood. His job was to kill all the British agents in Ireland and he did it with gorilla warfare. Sound familar? They fought like we did. Mr. Collins did a great job of it. The agents had the address of all of those fighting them for hundreds of years. They held out till Easter Saturday The Irish surrendered Now they had caught 14 of the leaders. Collins and Eamon de Valera had got away. Later de Valera was caught and Collins broke him out prison . He later became President of Ireland from 1959 to 1973..Those who were executed by Sir John Maxwell gave the order and shot 14 dead in Kilmainham Prison. James Connolly was injured so they shot him in a chair. Three thousand people.were arrested . Eighteen hundred shipped to England imprisoned without trial. Eamon de Valera was born in N.Y. City!! ..Now the British had won the battle but because of there actions lost the war!!I. In 1918 Britain has elections. And Sinn Fein (our selves alone) won73 of the 105 seats in Parliament that was December 14,1918. On January ,21,1919 they adopted the Declaration of Independence. However The British held on to The six county's in the north. That's something that would take pages to explain. The coin is ten shillings 83.5% silver and 16.5 copper. 30mms it's concave and weighs 18.1 grms. They struck two million 20,000 were proof. 1,270,00 were melted because the people liked the currency of ten shillings. On the edge it says "Erie Amach aq Casoa 1916 which means Easter Uprising 1916. The reverse is a statue in the post office today represents Cu Chulain . Mortally wounded in a battle it is said he tied himself to a stone wall holding of the British and they didn't approach him till a Raven landed on his shoulder.Now I could of written much more but this is a blog about a coin that tells the story about a country's struggle for freedom. I could go on for hours but these are the basic facts. I hope you enjoyed it. The picture of the man in uniform is Michael Collins great movie. My cousin did a great job!! The writing around Michael Collins says." Give us the future . We've had enough of your past. Give us back our country to live to grow"

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