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23 Aug 2021

St.Michael's Church D&H 38a Coventry Penny

Tokens | Mike

Well I could write pages on this church and the token. But I will keep it short. It is one of the most sought after tokens in the Conder series. It speaks for it's self. It's absolutely beautiful . It was built in the 14th &15th century. I could not find an architect associated with this wonderful church.The token is 28.3 grams and 36.0 mm. It's big and heavy. I will say it now. It is very under graded. Only NGC knows. This token was made for collectors. And for buying goods. It is a Penny! What I found is back in the 11th century a stone was put on the site and a church was built there called St. Mary's Priory.That church grew in stature and in status with funding from the medieval guilds. Chapels we're incorporated into the main fabric of the church. Soon St. Michael's had11 alters and seven chapels. The Chancel is a space around the alter. Sometimes it included the choir and sanctuary. This token was done by a great die sinker. Thomas Wyon. He made many wonderful pieces. As a matter of fact Wyon and Kempson teamed up on many projects. I can't imagine how long it took to make the die for this token. Just the detail . His son's also were die sinker. Even though this is a Coventry token it was left out of the set because it's a penny. The set is all half penny's. Wyon etched his name on the obverse and reverse you can only see It with a loop. It was built in the gothic style. It's spire was the tallest of all. Close to 300 feet. After a while it was the third tallest. This wonderful church soon became a Cathedral in 1918 it would still be standing. But Hitler kept on bombing the churches. St. Michael's was destroyed in the blitz on November 14,1940. They destroyed 600 buildings and killed 500 people. The picture below with Churchill the Bishop of Coventry and the Mayor was taken not to long after the blitz. They said he had a tear in his eye. ....A architect by the name of Basil Urwin Spence. Was asked to rebuild St. Michaels. He decided to build it right next to the ruins. The ruins will never come down. They want it to remind them of the destruction of war. This was in 1956 to 1962. ..Now like I said there is so much on this beautiful church I could write more. But please enlarge the pictures. This token took years to find. It's a rarity one. The D&H 38 Coventry is a triple rairty. It has edge writing saying Coventry token.They did not make many of each one. I have been looking on and of for years. Now it's home were it belongs. Hope you enjoyed the readers digest verson. Thanks. Mike. P.S. THE STAINED GLASS THAT THEY FOUND THEY PRESERVED. IT WAS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY OF THE TIME!!

15 Aug 2021

Problems.With the Mint

Collecting Tips | Mike

Well the problem with the mint it did not start with the sale of the Morgan Dollar. It started years ago. Years when some of you have not been here.. We have a saying buy what you like. I have done that with the mint simply because I only buy the sets for my books. I had been collecting a wonderful set called The Presidential Coin and chronicles set. This set stared with Benjamin Franklin. I know he want President . . Then Abraham Lincoln. These sets were great. Till the mint made one of Truman with a reverse proof coin. ..What happened they lowered the mintage to 17,500.and made one of than Coins a reverse proof. These sets were not selling out. Till the mint pulled that trick. it was gone in 12 minutes. People.who never even knew of the set wanted this. So it became the man made rarity. The problem I believe started there. The Mint could sell out there products fast . It continues from then. There were more the 2016 Congradulations set mintage 5000. It still calls for high prices today. Then came the emergency sets.This I will never understand. They had another mint and make 250,000. What I would like to know how come there are still for.sale.? Then during the American Eagle set came rare Eagles.please give me a break. I know covid had allot to do with the emergency sets. But I get the feeling more were made than what they said. Now they can't be trusted. I believe Ryder has created his last mess. How about all those sets for kids were did they go? Well one set had a "problem" and the adults bought them. ? Really were that dumb. Don't forget the famous letter the one that said the above ground silver is low. If that was true silver would be 100 a ounce. Letter sent by Ryder! .Now I have mentioned just a few . Forget the bullion gold one tenth ounce. The mintage were nuts and still are. So what is the problem. For one people had programmed there computers to order getting many more than allowed. I had two bots ordering I am not a robot. Ten percent to the 18 bulk buyers.. That's nothing. . If the mintage is five thousand thats five hundred.. Five hundred we won't see. So to sum it up my friend Mokie put it very simple. You make these special coins make five hundred thousand. Get rid of bulk buyers all 18 of them. That stops the high prices in the secondary market. All this said more people were able to get there coins then ever before. But what about the San Francisco proof. 200,000 mintage . Sold out in 15 minutes. I got mine at 12: 13. No one said a word about that. And it was the next day. The fix was in !! Your absolutely right. They went back to there old tricks. Buy what you need for your sets and books they don't sell out. But I think the mint has been caught . Ryder will have to answer allot of questions before congress! I did not list all the mints tricks there are to many. I noticed the two and a half ounce medal is still for sale for160.00. How many do you want?

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