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01 Feb 2016

Don't Clean Coin's

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. Just had to write this after reading a coin magazine I received today. I saw three adds for silver cleaner's. Nickel cleaner's. Every type of coin they had a cleaner or device that would not leave any thing on a coin. I guess I'm writing this for the new collector's and this who think they can get away with it. Believe me when I say if you clean a coin and send it in,to be graded,they will catch you.

Now if your into selling raw coin's and clean them then I don't know what to call you. That is if you tell the buyer in advance that you cleaned it. Does anyone know how much you devalue a collectable that's been cleaned? I would recommend asking the people who don't buy them. The NGC purple label is one of death. If you were unlucky to buy one then you know there are no number's on the label. It will say maybe xf improperly cleaned details. Does that sound as good as ms69? I don't think so. Do they list improperly cleaned in the RED BOOK I don't think so. Now I think and I hope you don't have clean coin's. It's nasty. If you want to collect coin's and clean them and keep them then I say go for it. Just don't sell them. Well I think I got my point across. Take care and know who you buy from.Mike



Level 2

I can't believe that I saw a suggestion on eBay, that says that you can clean coins before selling them. It says this should be only done for "junk silver coins"; coins that are only worth their weight in silver, and have no intrinsic numismatic value. Do you agree with this? If they are common-date, poor condition coins, does it still make a difference if you clean them or not? I'm talking about rather cheap coins, worth only a few dollars, and not more. Just wondering what your opinion is.


Level 5

yep, I will always remeber this becaus eit is very important


Level 7

Thanks ShriekenGriffon! The sad part is people still do it then sell them. If you ask me if they could prove someone did it they should put him in jail for fraud!


Level 5

Excellent advice which will help collectors at least understand where the hobby stands on such activities!


Level 6

That is all true, however, cleaning coins, not to long ago, 50's, 60's, was a common accepted thing to do! Don't do it now. Send your coin in to NGC or PCGS or ANACS to be "conserved"!


Level 5

Always good advice.

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