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21 Oct 2022

Fund Raising!!

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone . I hope your doing well. This blog is about donations. Now some of us have regular charities we donate to. The Wounded Warriors Project. St. Jude for children's cancer. And the A.N.A. Yes the site we use to better our knowledge and understanding of coins and a things to do with the hobby. They need donations.We all get the form letter thanking us for our contributions to the hobby. But its a form letter asking for a donation.
Now all there asking for is what we can spare They never put a price because they understand that not all of us can make a donation. It doesn't have to be money. It can be coins for the education department. So the kids can have a monthly auction . There is also a scholarship program that sends kids to the A.N.A. during the summer. This is terrific. They get to go to different classes and do projects. If my donation helps one kid I did my job!

You also have the option as to were your donation goes. Mine went to education. The kids. They get supplies for them to use. Now I donate when I have a little extra money. Its not thousands. Sometimes not even a hundred or seventy five dollars. I don't donate every month. So.times not for 10 months or a year. I said its what you can afford. And when you can afford it!

Why did I write this. Because they are grateful for every dollar they get. We use this site allot. And most pay the membership fee. And you get access to all they have to offer. In this day and age it cost more to keep a place like the A.N.A. open. Not less . So all I ask is that you do what you can. If you can't don't worry. Its when you have it.

When I received the letter from Miss Kiick it made feel well. That I have done something so big with a donation that was smaller than I wanted to send. So all I ask is to think about it. Were not talking pay checks here. Maybe some coins. You can send them to Sam.Just get the address. Or online with PayPal like I did or a credit card on this site.Believe me you will feel like you did so much. And its tax deductible. So you see its a win win situation. No one losses in this deal. Sometimes we forget that this great organization runs by itself. No it runs because of people like you and me. So think about it. That's all I ask. Lets keep the A.N.A. up and running g so we have a place to learn.Think of the thousands that learned about coins because they were here.Well that's all I have to say. I am proud of the small donation I made. And so will you!! Thanks Mike!


Long Beard

Level 5

I should also donate to the ANA, yet have not thus far. Instead, donating regularly to the more localized clubs in much greater need of support. For without them, the hobby would not be as it is.


Level 4

Nice letter Mike, I've learned a lot from ANA and this wonderful community and will be contributing as well. At this time in our Country we all should feel the need to give back to organizations that inform, teach, and interact with our hearts. I really appreciate the ANA and all of you for helping me with questions and leading us all in the right direction as we continue to grow (I've got my nephew interested and off the video games,wow). Thanks again for the blog.


Level 5

Very nice Mike. I've learned so much from your blogs about numismatic items. I have also learned about giving, caring. I remember when I was young and fascinated with coins. To help the youth numismatics on their coin journeys is a nice feeling.


Level 6

What a wonderful letter! We all do what we can especially for the YN's! Thanks for sharing this nice letter of recognition with us! ; )


Level 4

Definitely something everyone needs to hear! Thanks Mike!!


Level 4

Thanks for sharing, I feel that the ANA is one of the best supported non-profit organizations in the world, because of people like you. Thank you!


Level 6

A good message


Level 6

Well done Mike.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I know the YNs that visit our little blogworld really appreciate people like you and we, that know you well, know that you are one of the most generous people in terms of material and knowledge on this site. So I echo Ms. Kiick's sentiment and state Bravo Zulu Mike. You Rock!!!!!

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