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02 Apr 2021


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Hello I hope everyone is doing well. The title of this blog is Ireland's only commemorative coin. It is. But as we look at it you ask who is that on the obverse and what is that on the reverse. Well That is Patrick Pearse. He was the leader with 15 others who led Ireland to a battle against the British. .
It was a quiet Easter Sunday. The guns the Irish Provisional army ordered from Germany who was fighting England were caught by the Britts.The captain of the ship sunk it so they could not get the guns and ammo. However they had bought some back it 1914. So it wasn't Easter Sunday it was Easter Monday when a proud man stood in the steps of the General Post Office in Dublin and read the Irish Declaration of Independance. After that all hell broke loose. Centuries of being killed and hunted down. The price of a head of a Catholic Priest was the same as the Irish Wolfhound. The atrocities to many to mention.
They were only able to get two thousand freedom fighters against twenty thousand British soldiers. That didn't stop them. Michael Collins was in charge of the Irish brotherhood. His job was to kill all the British agents in Ireland and he did it with gorilla warfare. Sound familar? They fought like we did. Mr. Collins did a great job of it. The agents had the address of all of those fighting them for hundreds of years. They held out till Easter Saturday The Irish surrendered

Now they had caught 14 of the leaders. Collins and Eamon de Valera had got away. Later de Valera was caught and Collins broke him out prison . He later became President of Ireland from 1959 to 1973..Those who were executed by Sir John Maxwell gave the order and shot 14 dead in Kilmainham Prison. James Connolly was injured so they shot him in a chair. Three thousand people.were arrested . Eighteen hundred shipped to England imprisoned without trial. Eamon de Valera was born in N.Y. City!!

..Now the British had won the battle but because of there actions lost the war!!I. In 1918 Britain has elections. And Sinn Fein (our selves alone) won73 of the 105 seats in Parliament that was December 14,1918. On January ,21,1919 they adopted the Declaration of Independence. However The British held on to The six county's in the north. That's something that would take pages to explain.

The coin is ten shillings 83.5% silver and 16.5 copper. 30mms it's concave and weighs 18.1 grms. They struck two million 20,000 were proof. 1,270,00 were melted because the people liked the currency of ten shillings. On the edge it says "Erie Amach aq Casoa 1916 which means Easter Uprising 1916. The reverse is a statue in the post office today represents Cu Chulain . Mortally wounded in a battle it is said he tied himself to a stone wall holding of the British and they didn't approach him till a Raven landed on his shoulder.

Now I could of written much more but this is a blog about a coin that tells the story about a country's struggle for freedom. I could go on for hours but these are the basic facts. I hope you enjoyed it. The picture of the man in uniform is Michael Collins great movie. My cousin did a great job!! The writing around Michael Collins says." Give us the future . We've had enough of your past. Give us back our country to live to grow"

Update. I'm always looking for history for my blogs. Well I just found out were the British soldier's put there prisoners in 1921. The picture is below. I don't think I have to tell you what the treatment was like on Spike Island of Cork. What they didn't do!.

Please enlarge the pictures. You can read the Declaration. Yes I have done a blog on this before four years ago. However The information is different and the pictures. And Easter is upon us.



Level 4

Very graphic representation of the events and the coin you are discussing.

The MoKe

Level 6

Thank You Mike, a great read on a beautiful Pittsburgh Easter Sunday.


Level 5

Wow, this blog really struck a chord with me. As a student of history, the context of this coin in a historical standpoint made it easy for me to comprehend. I never quite understood the bloody history here, but now I see it more clearly. I rarely buy foreign coins, but I might look into this one. Thank Mike!


Level 6

I saw a TV show on Spike Island. Brutal...Animals, what went on there to the Irish.


Level 5

The sign of a good blog is when the reader is so captivated by the subject that they want to read more. That person is me, and the blog is this one! I have a subscription to Encyclopedia Britannica and followed most of the hot links to several articles on this subject. In the end, I learned much more than you told me. Thanks for whetting my appetite for more information! Gary.


Level 6

Thanks, Mike... A very historical and full of information blog. Nice display of photos! ; )


Level 5

I remember this topic and I looked for the coin on EBAY. Really interesting piece of history. Have a great weekend.

Long Beard

Level 5

Great topic, which should be no surprise to those who know me. Fianna Fail politician Jim O'Callaghan is proposing and pushing unification, at a speech on March 25 at Cambridge. Ireland looks to be one island in my life time. Finally. "Get the 'Brits out of Ireland!". I just bought that 1966 10 Shilling a few weeks ago, raw in what I call an MS64/65. No haze or milk spots which is very common.


Level 6

Very informative blog. Thanks


Level 6

I do remember your previous blog on this subject. This does indeed have a lot more info. A very bloody history. I don't want to get into the politics but lets say the blood was forced onto the Irish people. As to why the British kept the north, I would break it down to money and location. My opinion. Thanks Mike. You are a proud Irishman. Nice read. I hope people look into this more and learn.


Level 7

The largest shipyards in the world were in the north. . The Titanic was built there and her sister ship!

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