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03 Jul 2020

Medal 1876 J . -CM-11 American Centennial Medal

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This is a medal I wrote about two and a half years ago. Since then I found new information that was not included in the first one. I won this beautiful medal at Heritage House. No one was bidding. It was a big auction and no one saw it. It was a sleeper. So I put in a bid and woke up the next day and won!! I looked into when I first saw it. The J was the key it stood for R. Julian. He wrote a book called " Medals of The United States Mint The First Century 1792-1892" .
That's a book I would like to see. So we were celebrating a 100 years. Countries sent exhibits Not to mention our own new inventions. Germany sent there new cannons I will get to others . First the medal. It was designed by William Barber. And put out by the mint. It's 58 mm by 2and a quarter in diameter. It's made of bronze . In this grade there are 24 higher. There were tokens handed out and other medals made. Some in sets. Now there were 7000 large bronze medals made 2,100large copper 583 white medals one gold I could not find the number of silver. There was a silver medal also. There were different designs They sold five medal sets.
The obverse says 1876 in commerce the hundreds anniversary of American independence act of Congress 1874. The reverse shows liberty holding an unheated sword pointing to the 13 stars.. It reads 1776 these United Colonies all and of right to be free and independent states. As I said I found a list new inventions of the day well the bananas not an invention but was introduced. A Remington Type Writer. A mechanical calculator with a handel.and a Mono Rail. Yes you read that right. There is a picture of the canons and the Mono Rail. And now you had Heinz Ketchup.

So you see we were not that far from becoming automated . We were advanced but not like some countries who had centuries on us. This great event was held in Pennsylvania were else would we celebrate. . Thousand attended there was food entertainment. They all had a great time. Imagine the banana who would of thought!! Enjoy on another note the grounds stood till 1954.


Doug S.

Level 4

Interesting stuff!! Very cool. Beautiful medal.

Long Beard

Level 5

While I have a sizable collection of commemorational medals of historical dates, nothing back that early as of yet. That's one I added to my list.


Level 3

I don't collect medals but I actually really like this one. Thanks.


Level 5

Awesome medal. That is something to be appreciated. Medals are my new area of collecting, and this one really gets me excited to find something special. Nice information and really interesting history.


Level 5

That's a nice looking medal you have there Mike! Great blog to go along with it.

As soon as you think you know all there is about a certain coin, the coin will find a way to surprise you. Thanks for bringing out another beautiful medal of your's.


Level 5

That's a great medal, Mike. But you already knew that. Thanks for the new information.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Wow! That's really special. Thanks for a great blog! I learned a lot. I remember as a kid going to Cedar Point amusement park in Ohio. I remember they had a monorail and I always wanted to ride it. I was only about 4 or 5. Never did get a ride on it, guess I didn't know quite the right kid pressure to put on Mom and Dad! LOL!


Level 5

Nice medal you have there Mike! As you already know I have the white metal version of this medal. I think there is also a gilt bronze medal or did they gilt the copper medal? At any rate, this is an excellent design.


Level 6

Great blog. It's crazy. I was just looking at this medal on a coin site an hour ago. It is a real beauty. Thanks for the new info Mike. Thanks.

The MoKe

Level 6

Beautiful medal Mike, Gary and You have an eye for quality sleepers.

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