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27 Jul 2021

More Conder Tokens

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Hi. Yes this will be a short blog on some of the buildings on Kempson tokens. The ones I chose today are a few of the buildings still standing from the time they were built. Some are so good it looks like Kempson took a picture of them.. The best part is the years these buildings were put up. I'm not talking 1797. Some of these were built in the 1300's the 1500's. and so on. Just think of that for a moment.
The English were excellent record keepers so the dates were not just put on these. You can say some went over rehabilitation but the original face of the structure is the same. Now Kempson almost seems like he knew these would still be around for hundreds of years even some of the gates that protected the city still stand. They are beautiful works architecture. The wall that encircled the city parts still stand.
Doing research I said I wonder if some of these are still standinng. I went to work and i was surprised. St.John's church later became St.John's High School. I wrote a journal of these at N.G.C. A few days later I get a message from a fellow collector . He said I went to St John's school there I grew up in Coventry.. Small world. I asked him if he or if he knew of others that lived there if they had any of these tokens. He said none. Passed down from his family he was told they used them.

Now I bet if I continued I will find more. This is something I thought of after the set was finished. The other tokens I collect many are still standing. Not just Kempson but others. Cathedrals ,government buildings. If you check Kempson other set of building of London many still stand. Some were destroyed in WW. 11. Hitler had an obsession with Coventry. He bombed it a lot. One famous Cathedral. St. Paul's he wanted destroyed. He felt it be could level this Cathedral it would take the resolve from the people and he could take England. He sent over 200 bombers and St.Paul's still stands. The people stayed inside and put out the fires. It was built if I remember by Wren. It's in the heart of London. One thing NGC graded many Red Brown the token below it looks like the lights are on!! St.Marys
Sorry I got it the topic. That's ok the two are connected. St. John's token and picture like I said look so much alike. The same with Bablake and St. Mary's Hall. St. Mary's is used as a catering hall today and ceremonies. If you look at the token and the picture there is a wonderful likeness. . I will end this short blog on these wonder tokens and buildings. I hope.you see the talent of this man. We need people like this working today the old way. The way commens were done and older.coins. No lasers here.!!Be well be safe!!




Long Beard

Level 5

It can not be overstated that your knowledge and collection of condor tokens is impecable.

Kevin Leab

Level 4

Another very informative blog.....I always look forward to reading your blogs Mike. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I learn something new every time.

The MoKe

Level 6

Such a privilege being on this site and having an availability of experts in different areas of our hobby. There are too many to name but one of the preeminent ones is our own Michael Byrne and his Kempson's Conder Tokens. We have all learned something very valuable again today. Thanks Mike!!!!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I think it's fascinating that you can still see these buildings on these very old tokens


Level 7

One is graded M.S 66. They were protected very well. Most look this good.!!


Level 6

Beautiful Tokens! It makes it so cool with your name on the holders! You should be so proud! I know that we are all proud of you and this collection that you have put together. ; )


Level 5

Beautiful tokens and collection. You should be very proud to have assembled such a set. This is truly what collections are all about. The history of the tokens and buildings is amazing. The history and story are such a big part of a collection. Very nice.


Level 6

Enjoy learn the history, thanks


Level 6

Beautiful tokens Mike. I keep learning from you. Man, I have to say NGC is tight on there color ratings. I see some RB's there. More than they do. Nice to have your own name on the labels. Thanks.


Level 7

Yes St. Mary's is red brown but remember the the reverse must be red and brown also!

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