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03 Apr 2018

New Deluxe Red Book Being Delivered Today!

Library | Mike

Hi everyone. Well today is the day I have been waiting for My Deluxe Red Book is being delivered today and I can't wait. I got hooked on them with the very first issue. This book is for 2019 and will feature dimes. Every year they go up in denomination. They have a paragraph on every dime. Half dimes mercury all of them. They have marvelous stories about everything going on in the hobby. Now some complained that the binding broke. I have not have that happen. It's fifteen hundred pages so I lay it on a table. It is heavy so if your not careful with it it might. I have learned different things from this series. For instance the So Called Dollars. I knew they were out there but didn't realize some were worth a nice price. The designs were different but I enjoyed them. I'm not a salesman like anything else in this hobby you buy which what ever book fits you and what you like. I just like this one. Anytime I can get more information I will get it. This book provides it for me. So it's that time of year again I suggest you order your Red Book when your ready. I was originally expecting next week. When I received the email it made my day. So order your favorite book from your favorite place. I don't say were I buy mine or the price. Like I said I don't force any place or book on anyone. It's the one your comfortable with and enjoy. So go to it get your favorite book early. I always have enjoyed the Red Book no matter what one I buy. There's alot of work that goes into that book and I try and take advantage of it. If I pick up a few things I will be happy. I know I will pick up more than that. Enjoy and buy the book before the coin. And down below there it is with 335 pages on Dimes!  Click on Picture started to look already. Enjoy. Mike.



Level 6

Definitely the book of choice! A must have if you are into coins. I may have to get this one, especially if it features Dimes this year! Thanks Mike!


Level 6

Hey you got it today! Congratulations! Now you'll have some reading material... haha


Level 6

It is a great book to find out about coins, while building up your muscles.


Level 6

I'm going to get one too. I fondly recall the "professional edition" but I guess this replaced it.

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