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05 Dec 2020

Saint Andrew of Scotland D&H -44 1792

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Hi everyone hope you are all well. Today is a token about St. Andrew. Who was he? He was the brother of Peter.. It was made in 1792. It's a half penny,made of copper. It weighs 11.1 gems 29 mm thickness is 2mm. . This token is what is called a double rarity. There is only one rarer than this. You notice the two pieces of wood he is holding. They are to be his cross. He said I do not deserve to be crucified like Jesus.. The cross is called de cussata or x shape. It states No one provokes with impunity!

The reverse is the It or arms or Edinbourgh. The edge says Payable at the warehouse of Thos & Alex R Hutchison . He was crucified on November 30 60 A.D. Being St. Peter's brother he was the first follower of CHRIST. .
He preached the word of God and said "I would not preach the honor and glory of the death s of the cross if I feared the death of the cross" .So he was sentenced to death for denying the religion of the Roman gods. His words were "I Cross Most Welcome And Long Anticipated! I Come To You With A Willing Kind With Joy And Desire A Fowler A Student Of The One Who Died For You. I Have Always Embraced You". He was not nailed to this cross instead he was tied. It has The same effect.

You might say Why is he writing about a Saint. Well I'm actually writing about a token and the man who died on his cross.. If you look at the flag of Scotland it was made after the cross of St. Andrew. The country loved him. As a religious man and a man who stood up to the Roman Empire.. One man. He knew he didn't stand a chance. Knew that eventually after the interagations that the Romans would sentence him to death. Besides there's nothing wrong with a little religion now in the situation we live in today. Who Ever we pray to. Pray.

This is a small blog. The man was sent out to preach the word of God by the Holy Spirit. They spoke all the world langues. He is also the patron Saint of other countries he preached in . When the House or the Senate is called to order in Washington it's opened by a member of one of the many Religions in this country . He says a small prayer that God will direct these men to a favorable decision. That doesn't happen all the time. Everywhere there is Justice we see in God we Trust.That's a reference to your God not the Catholics.
.So politics does have a place in our history. The Druids had many in Ireland.St. Patrick witch is also a token here in the colonies.. He took there Sun God combined it with the Christian cross and the Celtic cross was.born. So Conder tokens have animals ,people famous people.who started the industrial revolution. War hero's just about every famous person in the 18th century. The political section has one of George Washington. In MS 61 it sold for 25,000 dollars. So you see there are many famous people.

This was a way of recording there history.. These tokens grade very high. They were taken care of better than some coins today. The biggest I have is a MS 66 many of them. Proof like red and brown and the detail you can count the bricks or the links in a fence. These were masters.

So I decided to write about this man Andrew. Yes an ordinary man who preached. Your not made a Saint the next day . Sometimes it takes centuary's. It's a remarkable process. So it's not a holy day just a normal day in the middle of a pandemic. A little religion won't hurt . It might save lives. I hope.you enjoyed this story of a simple man. Who influenced an entire country. Just like the people of the Mayflower. Looking for.religious freedom. So in this day of a virus taking million s.if lives ask St. Anthony for a quick cure . Thanks




Level 4

Thanks for the history lesson and the purpose of the token. It sure looks better than it is graded.


Level 6

Beautiful token Mike! Great history and information! You are our expert in deed! ; )

Nice to see one of your amazing Wonders Mike. The coin looks RB to me, but the label doesn't matter. Thanks for sharing!

Long Beard

Level 5

Not bad, Mike. One of three with none grading higher. Outstanding!


Level 6

Beautiful blog Mike. Another Saint on a token. You have a great eye for these. Thanks for sharing.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thanks so much Mike. The intersection of history, art, metallurgy, economics and yes, even religion are reflected in the world's coinage

The MoKe

Level 6

That is a beautiful token, Mike, thanks for sharing your knowledge once again.


Level 5

Thanks Mike! Beautiful story, and a beautiful coint o go along with it! Keep up the good work, and keep diving into the history of your coins! Cheers, NM


Level 5

Beautiful coin and story. You have some great coins there Pally!


Level 6

Thanks for a wonderful blog. Beautiful token, and nice photos to help with the story.


Level 5

I have a pretty big weak spot when it comes to knowledge of numismatics that isn't circulating american coinage, so I really do appreciate these kind of topics. Thanks for sharing!


Level 5

Thanks for a wonderful post. Awesome coin and history. A story and history with a coin is a perfect post. You have a truly great collection worthy of a museum. Showed my wife this coin. She loves this one. Have a great Holiday season everyone.

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