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26 Oct 2021

Two Forgotten Nickels

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Hi everyone. I'm sorry I have slowed down. It will pick up soon. Today's blog is about two Jefferson Nickels. How many coins have value in that set. Well I will mention one I will not be writing about. The 1941 D over horizontal D. You can pick that up for 10,000. But today I will be writing about the 1994 P and the 1997. So what is so famous about these.? Well the 1994 came in a set the mint made. It was called the Thomas Jefferson Coinage and Currency set.

They put this i n with a two dollar note I believe it's a star note very low serial number. It has a Matte finish. That's why you get the beautiful hue around it. Now they made 167,703 of these. It also came with a silver dollar. Now the price of this set when it first came out was 34.50. So that's a very low mintage and a very low price. The nickel when you consider the millions and millions made everyday is a very small mintage. They put the nickel in with the mintage of Philadelphia that year. Be sure that's were it as made so you have the entire mintage. So unless you in a about this set you would never know about this great nickel. All three pieces go for a nice price. But I bought this for the set. It tells the story of Jefferson. It's informative and has three nice items. No you won't get rich but you will make allot more than a nickel!

The second nickel more people know of. . It came in the Botanical coin and currency set. Now you want to talk a low mintage. How about 25,000 sets only. Now that's a low price. The set is called The Botanical Coin And Currency set. This also sold for a low price. This set has a beautiful Silver dollar with red roses on the top. And they out a light red color to the roses. It's absolutely beautiful. The nickel has a Matte finish. And it gets a beautiful hue around it..

I bought these sets because of the mintages. But I also have the whole set. Yes I like nickels. And when I here what was in these sets I had to have them. Now I bought these years later after they came out. I didn't buy the nickels I bought the sets.I found a seller on ebay that sells Patriotic sets. I mean this seller knew they would take off. When I found him most of his sets were unopened. I liked that.. I bought a few other sets from this seller.

Now these two nickels are not widely known. Especially the 1994. But you know about them now. They ha e allot to do with our history. Just to read the information inside tells it all. I think he's down to almost gone. He must of bought hundreds of these sets. Also the set of the Westward Journey. That set is a blog all into its self. I mean it was the first time the mint contracted with actual Indian tribes that the two explorers took. They made actual Indian pouch with a C.O.A. signed by the actual Indian that made it. Also a arrow head. The name of this set is 2004 Lewis And Clark Pouch and Coin set I have to stop. I'm sorry I had more. But arthritis is arthritis . I hope you find these nickels. If you find the sets take a good look at them. You will enjoy them. Thanks I hope you enjoyed this short blog. I checked ebay he still has sets to sell. But the price is more than 34.50. !!!


Doug S.

Level 4

Interesting as always Mike! Regards Doug


Level 3

That is so cool!

Nice coins.


Level 4

I remember these set but was not aware of their rarity. Thanks for sharing the information and photos of these modern rarities.

AC coin$

Level 5

Great coin, nice blog you are a teacher and the best. The boss.

Long Beard

Level 5

I got the Thomas Jefferson set, but the Botanical Gardens is still higher than I would like to pay. Perhaps just the nickel, graded?

Doug S.

Level 4

Great info as usual Mike!! Regards Doug


Level 5

I need one of those nickels ! Low mintage. Nice blog. Nice coin.


Level 6

Great blog and beautiful coins indeed! Thanks Mike! ; )


Level 6

Nice sets. I like mine, also.


Level 6

Beautiful coins. Another great, informative blog. Thanks.


Level 5

Great post Mike! Very informative and interesting. You have some good looking nickels my friend. Thanks for sharing. Talk to ya soon buddy!

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