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20 Nov 2021

What is a Historic Set?

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Hi. Hope everyone is doing well. This will be a short blog not my style but it has allot to say. The Mint produced a set this year. A reverse proof Designer set. So it's a double reverse proof set. Why is this set Historic? Well it has a reverse proof with a type one eagle,and a type two reverse proof eagle. Two eagles The mint charges 175.00. The mintage was 175,000. Not enough by my standards.

But I called it historic. . It is. You see by law they cannot make this set again for another 25 years. That's right. They would have to change the type two eagle in order to make another set like this.. Yes I bought it. The main reason is the one we buy coins. The set caught my eyes. It was beautiful. I got lucky and got to the order page. When I received it I had to check it over. Why?. The packaging was worth about three cents on a dollar. Cheep. I wanted to make sure there was no damage. The shippers throw these boxes into the trucks. The box bends very easy. Years ago they came in a hard box and inside that a plastic box. The coins were covered with a dark blue cushion. The coins sat in a deep well you pressed the middle they stood up for display

Back to the set. I sent them into N.G.C. I would not be truthful if I didn't think of value. I did. But to protect these coins as I always say is my main concern.. I doubt that I will be around another 25 years. The main reason besides there beauty. Now to protect. N.G.C sent an email yesterday saying they have no more scratch proof holders. They will not have them for another nine months. They will reimburse everyone that has coins there now for the charge of five dollars.. That's o.k. with me. I own metal made boxes with foam inside. There will not be scratched on the holders I receive.

The yns should try and pick this set up. Yes they sell around 200.00 + dollars. That will come down and you will be around for the next reverse proof set. You will own two historic sets. Think about that. Most of us "older" people will not have this great opportunity. It would make a great Christmas gift. Those graded 70 are selling for close to 800.00 and sometimes more. If you get a 69 you still make a profit. I was happy I was lucky to get this set. A modern set that will last the ages. The first time ever done. And will not be done again for 25 years. The mint plays games. I'm waiting to hear about the enhanced reverse proof set. So Those who got them Congradulations. The rest can still buy them but for fifty dollars over cost on some. It's what collecting is all about . History. This set is exactly that. Modern History. Thanks for reading this. Be well and stay safe. Mike

UPDATE: N.G.C. Has shipped my coins grade proof 70!!! It's all luck. Getting threw and getting a good grade!

There home Dec.8.



Level 5

Nice set! I personally love this set. I think it will be a historic set as the first type 2.

Long Beard

Level 5

Happy to see you were able to get through to order one.


Level 5

Man, as one of those “yns” I would totally love to own this set. However, due to the fact that I don’t have a job (lol) I don’t currently have the funds for this set. Maybe I’ll get the next one though.


Level 5

What a great set to own! I resemble all of the remarks above. Congratulations on a nice pickup buddy, and I agree 100%, it’s modern history for sure!

Kevin Leab

Level 4

Wow .... Beautiful!!! I need to get those for myself!! Thanks for the blog Mike!!


Level 6

They are beautiful! Let us know when you get them back from NGC. ; )


Level 6

Beautiful coins.


Level 5

Nice set for sure. Will check them out on Ebay. Thanks


Level 6

I was lucky enough to get a set because a friend called and alerted me to them. Thanks buddy. You are right this is a great set. Nicely done Mike. Thanks.

AC coin$

Level 6

What matters in the historic value in your heart and ART . IN GOD WE TRUST .

It's Mokie

Level 6

Nice pick Mike, I do think the mint products are a bit overpriced, but they are beautiful, for sure.

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