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25 Dec 2020

Morgan Dollars to look for

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Okay, so if you are okay with spending a little money, there is the slim chance that if you buy a roll/collection of common Morgan Dollars, you may get one with the CC mintmark! Let me explain further. There are a few different mintmark's. (P = Philadelphia, D = Denver, W = West Point, etc.) BUT there are some mints that have been shut down. Some of them, like O/New Orleans, have some not-so-valuable coins. Some others, like Carson City (CC), are very valuable. For example, an 1879 CC Morgan Dollar has an estimated price of $1,500-$8,000. If you buy a roll, there MIGHT be a nice little CC mintmark Morgan Dollar waiting in your stack. Happy collecting!



Level 5

Nice tip. Hopefully by the time I earn enough money for Morgan Dollar roll hunting there will still be some surprises left.

New Orleans is now a doomsday bunker.

I only have one Morgan dollar and My money is too low to buy more.

Kevin Leab

Level 4

Thanks for the blog! I've tried several times to start a set of Morgans. I never got as far as I would have liked. However, I have completed a set of Peace dollars.


Level 5

I am not into Morgans near as much as I should haha! I appreciate the advice! Ill keep an eye out, and maybe purchase some grab bags from a LCS (Local Coin Shop). Cheers!


Level 6

I'm a Peace Dollar guy so forgive me. Not a huge Morgan fan BUT you are correct there are some rarities out there. It seems crazy to think there are still "unsearched" rolls out there. However the guys at VAMWorld assure me there are. I do know there are bags and bags of these babies stored away. "O" mintmark Morgan's seem to tone very nice. Good luck. I hope you find some nice ones. Start looking for varieties and you will have much better luck. There are some great VAMs that are from common dates and mintmarks. Become a VAM nerd like me.

I'm in the corner with Mokie about Morgan's when it comes to the design, but they are resilient when it comes to popularity, even outside of the collecting community. Every time I see Rick Tomaska hawking them on TV for a full half hour it continues to amaze me. I don't think folks will ever tire of them. I have been tempted to buy a roll of circulated Morgan's in the past however. Personally I'm a Peace dollar fan.


Level 6

Good blog! Thanks for the information ; )

It's Mokie

Level 6

Not a big fan of the Morgan Dollar design, the Liberty is unattractive to me and the eagle looks like it is malnourished. But appreciate the effort you put into your blog, nonetheless.


Level 5

Thanks for sharing! Maybe I will get a roll when I have a job


Level 5

Your right ! Buying a roll of anything these days, provides a slim chance of finding something spectacular. It's fun searching ! I have a few Morgans, but nothing fantastic. Everything has been searched over. I see collectors searching morgan boxes for varietys I suppose. In 2020, might be better to just buy the coin, and not search bins or rolls ?


Level 7

The New Orleans Mint has very valuable morgans. I own a MS 66. I have varieties. I do have CC. So your right in one sense some mints didn't have a strong strike but the happened with all the mints. One here one there. New Orleans has varieties with the mint mark. It depends on the grade. Great question. Thanks.


Level 5

Only in a coin roll, I'm too frugal to spend that much on a coin, it would be nice though.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Thanks for the tip! I just bought 4 early issues at the last coin show.

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