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20 Jan 2021

Coin Show

| Peter

Laughlin, Nevada( Bullhead City )2121 South Casino DriveLaughlin, Nevada 89029
February 12 - 14
February 12, Friday 11am - 6pmFebruary 13, Saturday 10am - 6pmFebruary 14, Sunday 10am - 4pm
Coin Show let have fun.


It's Mokie

Level 6

I hope to go to Nevada for a show in the Fall, hopefully by then, most of us geezers will have been vaccinated.


Level 6

Wanted to go, but it's not in the stars this time. ; )


Level 5

Ah, I just returned for Nevada yesterday! I wish I could make it :/ Ill hit the next one! Cya 'round!


Level 5

Can't make it, I'll be in Tampa FL at the new Stumpy Cave, deep, dark, manancial laughter! Will miss it though, last year Laughlin was nice, only coin show I've ever attended, yes, they had a table full of nothing but casino tokens. Yes, the Vegas show was held, I didn't go, health reasons during covid, a dealer was robbed during loading to go home, Vegas not as safe as it used to be. Shooting at Bellagio Hotel last week, multiple shooting on strip during Last 12 months, it's sad.


Level 6

We were going to go as well. Didn't make it for the same reason. Plus without you there was no reason to go.

The Stumpy cave sounds like my kind of place!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Glad to see they are opening up out there!

Im in Florida right now! I wish i could go though. Are there any major shows in Vegas?


Level 5

Sounds exciting! I'm in South Carolina, so I couldn't make the trip. Let us know how it goes!


Level 5

Shows in Nevada. Lots of casino tokens? Wish I could get there. Have a great time !


Level 5

Way to far away for me, I'm in Kentucky!


Level 7

I would !oven to go to a show. Make sure that it's not cancelled before you go!!

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