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22 Jul 2020

A First Year of Collecting- Short Sets Everywhere!!!

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As promised there will be a blog about truly weird world of short sets but today's will not be it.Earlier today it dawned on me that I joined NGC a year ago today. Seems a good day to evaluate the condition of my collection.I finally found a 49D Franklin MS65 FBL to complete my collection of MS65 business strikes! Four more proofs and I am done.Some of my favorite coins include a 1905 Lewis and Clark dollar( heads on both sides), an 1893 Isabella quarter( Only commemorative quarter, First female, Only foreign head of state to appear on our coinage), The prettiest toned 1935 Connecticut you are likely to ever see(LOVE THAT EAGLE!), and my complete collection of 2009 Lincolns ( #8 on NGC registry). I have flitted around and assembled some short sets, completed my Peace dollars, and accrued a number of interesting coins. Not really sure where all the Canadian, British and Dutch coins came from! Amazing the stuff you get in junk lots. Over the year I have been able to refine my taste in coins and have a much better idea of what I want to collect. I find that I have limited interest in moderns preferring to stick with older coins. I still shop for raw coins but my focus has been on graded coins for about six months now. I recently picked up a 1926 Sesquicentennial in the raw just because the back is the prototype for the Franklin. It has been a year of solitary collecting. I live in very rural Kansas. No clubs and the closest coin shop has spotty hours when there is no pandemic. Worst of all my first coin show was cancelled. When my NGC membership got close I felt it was time to join ANA. I had tried the forums on NGC and found that most of the members really didnt want to help. They were condescending and could care less if they gave an answer lacking in facts. I was more than pleasantly surprised at the welcoming reception and helpful attitude of the folks here. Finally a group of people who share my enthusiasm and communicate that in a positive way! Thank You All! A quick tabulation and I think my collection is worth around $20k. I have done a lot of collecting this year. Much more than I ever planned for! Any of you who read my first blog will note that I said nothing about those nickels. They can sit in the box until they are sorry for what they started!!!! Next- Short Sets! I promise.



Level 5

Those are some classic coins! I am very very jealous haha! Cheers, NM


Level 4

an ISABELLA? AFTER ONLY AN YEAR? my jealousy is thru the roof with that one.

It's Mokie

Level 6

We like to think of ourselves as ambassadors to the hobby so we will help anyone we can. Thanks for sharing your acquisitions and hopefully giving us much more coin collecting excitement in the future. the more contributors we have, the broader all our knowledge becomes.


Level 6

Wow!! That's quite a collection you got together. I'm glad you are enjoying our site here. I live in the Mojave desert and there are no clubs and only one store and it is an hour or so away. Good luck and don't let those nickles boss you around.


Level 4

I love your blogs! Sounds like you are building quite the collection; I think you speak for many of us when you say you have no club or local dealer. I was lucky to find someone that sells coins (I don’t really consider him a dealer) 30 minutes away. I’ve debated trying to find a way to set up my own local club, but I have no idea how that would work in such a small community. Keep enjoying yourself in the hobby, and I hope to see you post again soon!


Level 7

Not a one. I live in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. It's a small town in Brooklyn. Brooklyn has 2,500.00 people living there. Not one club. There is a dealer but he sells more coin cleaner than coins. He should use it to clean his store.. Your collection sounds like it's going to get allot better. Good for you. Enjoy it. Thanks for the blog I enjoyed it.

I have similar problems. The nearest coin club is an hour drive, and all my usual coin shows got canceled. Sounds like a wonderful year though, even if there weren't any coin shows. I have found this place to be a good substitute when there is no one to go to in the real world.


Level 5

Your interests sound a little like mine. I also like the older commemorative . I don't really get into the modern stuff, but like the older coins. I am not into the Franklin half dollars though. I like them, but have other interests. I also prefer the graded coins if shopping for a coin I like.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Sounds like you are doing well building your collection... Follow your bliss and you will always be pleased with it.

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