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27 Mar 2022

Schenectady, New York tokens

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Is anyone aware of a reference book or catalog that lists all of the tokens made relating to the Schenectady/Albany, New York area?



Level 7

If you live there try the local library and coin shops. I'm sure someone wrote something about them.? Do you have any? If you do put the pictures up


Level 3

I've got a few of them, I'll add pictures soon


Level 5

Not that I know of, but many knowledgable collectors here to comment.


Level 7

Hi its Mike. Were friends I tried to send you a message it didn't work so send one to !e. I will figure it out!! Be good stay safe


Level 6

I'd say the ANA Library as well. Good luck with your search. ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Would love to help you but it isn't my expertise area. Ig you do find such info, please advise me. THANKS


Level 7

Not that I know of. The ANA has a library some 29,000 books you call them in don't know if its open. If it is they will send you the book if they have one and you have to send it back.

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