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03 Nov 2015


Exonumia | ShriekenGriffon

This was a while ago but I remembered it today and would like to post a short blog on this.

About a year ago, I wrote an article for the Bill Fivaz Young Numismatic Literary Award. I wasn't really expecting to win but just did it for fun. A month or two later I get a package in the mail from the ANA. *Gasp* I was so excited and inside I found a certificate saying i was the third place winner for my article "The Twenty Cent Piece." From this I earned 100 bucks to spend on numismatic books that have helped me a lot. Thansk for your time and I will post my winning article for all of you awesome people to read.




Level 3

Congrats great to share your interests with others.


Level 3

Great job keep it up


Level 5



Level 5

Cool. I will be entering an article this year.


Level 5

same here hope one of us win!

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