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26 Mar 2020

New Money !

Collecting Tips | slybluenote

26 Mar. 2020 Good morning folks ! First I want to thank all the folks that have helped me navigate this site so far!I've only been a "ANA" member for 2 days and I'm already getting smarter :-) ! I really appreciated thearticle that Mr. Doug Winter wrote in reference to the Ten Rules of Coin Collecting. I did read ALL tenrules, but as any good writer would do, the paragraph that preceded the rules really hit home for me. Thereality check the paragraph alluded to spurred me to proceed to the rules. Sometimes, the truth hurts !The rules make sense and as Mr. Winter indicated, some will be harder for me than others. The realitycheck Mr. Winter opened with was for me, like looking in a mirror. When I first started collecting, I wasguilty of buying what I would later learn was "Junk Money" vice "New Money" ! My collection early onwas "summarily dismissed" by more than one dealer/collector. Rule number 3 is going to be especiallyhard for me since I don't have an abundance of "Patience" to start with, but I'm a work in progress! Seebelow for an example of one of my "impulsive" buys :-) ! I'm going to have to find out where Mr. Wintergained his knowledge and to peruse some of his work, when I get an opportunity!

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