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30 Sep 2020

Pocket Change is Like the Lottery

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Let's face it. Looking for valuable errors in pocket change is like the lottery. Chance of success is low, and there's a price regardless (in this case, spending 3 hours straining your eyes looking at every penny you ordered from the bank.)

Now that's not to say its never successful. I mean, there was this one guy in 1947 who found a copper 1943 penny in his lunch money change. You can see it all here. https://people.com/human-interest/penny-copper-worth-170-k-massachusetts/ People said the winning bid may reach 1 Million.

That lucky son of a gun.

Of course, he didn't get the fortune he deserved because he was dead before someone realized, "Wait, this old dead guy was sitting on literal treasure." Thank goodness he even saved it, especially when people told him that it wasn't anything special. Utter bull.

Then there's me. Getting those good 'ol 25 dollar boxes of pennies at the bank and making your floor a mess of paper and dirty pennies, finding nothing but a few wheats and a bunch of coppers that I don't even know what to do with.

Here's a tip guys. Don't go penny searching through America First Credit Union. I have nothing against their banking policies but honestly I feel like they actually comb through all the good coins first. I mean just look at all these youtube videos of people looking boxes of pennies and they just KEEP GETTING MORE WHEATS. I average about 3 per box. Other people seem to average about 20 per box. And that's not to mention the wonderful experience I had last time. I remember being so excited to search through a new box. I opened it, looked at the tops of the rolls, and suddenly noticed at all of the top pennies were super shiny. "Good for me!" I thought. Then I looked at the dates. All of them were 2020s.

*Smacks face*

It turns out that this stupid virus is affecting coins TOO. Apparently people have been panicking (I know right, I was shocked too) and have been hoarding their change and now there's a coin shortage. So now we're stuck with nothing but 2020s. Hooray.

Another weird thing is that I keep finding SO MANY 2009s. Honestly, I have enough, but they just keep coming. So if any wants some let me know :) (If you have the money for it. I'm charging 5 bucks a penny XD)

So I guess this ends my first blog. Twas fun. I shall probably do this again. (If the human race survives for a few more days. And Biden and Trump don't slit each other's throats simultaneously and Nancy Pelosi takes over and we enter WWIII)

PS: Meanwhile check out Jo Jorgenson. She's running for president and she's AWESOME

Rutabaga my friends.



Level 5

I will be unfollowing due to inactivity. Ill keep any eye out for the next blog! Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers, NM

It's Mokie

Level 6

A whole case of brand new shiny 2020's I guess you gotta make lemonade out of lemons and try and be the first person to discover the still rare doubled ear 2020 Lincoln. (:


Level 6

Looking through Cents can be great fun...you won't find anything if you don't search. I've been finding assorted Wheat Cents... nothing crazy, but still cool!


Level 5

While I may disagree politically, I have given up searching AFCU cents as well XD. I primarily search pennies as well. Nice first blog, keep up the work! Cheers, NM

Stella Fanatic

Level 2

I hereby disown Jo Jorgensen. Don't vote for her XD Just realized how bad she is.


Level 5

Also, imagine stumbling upon the 43' copper cent in your lunch change.... crazy!


Level 6

Someone has to win the lottery. I do not see 2009 coins.


Level 5

I agree, I think that it really depends upon where in the country you are at. Where I live you can't find a 2009 penny of any type. I did get a single roll of pennies the other day in trade. Guy had rolled it up and it had a very, very nice mid grade 1958 D penny. So overall it was worth it. Pocket change, penny rolls or Lotto, I'll take the pennies every time!


Level 6

Welcome. I also am a cent searcher. I don't feel people are hoarding cents. It a circulation problem. Why, other than us, would anyone hoard cents? Your blog is fun to read and I enjoyed it. I hope to read more from you. Thanks.

I think it's just where you are from. I usually only get around 8 per box. Haven't been able to secure some since the coin shortage has been going on. I've found a few things that make it worth it, and who knows what you might find. It indeed is like the lottery, except I don't have to worry about betting all of my money away, just my time.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I dont think the problem is people hoarding change, I think its too many businesses out of business so coins don't circulate.


Level 5

I have a low average of 1 wheat every 10 rolls. But I have already found a offcenter lincoln cent, an unplated lincoln cent, and a 1969 D FS-901. Keep searching!


Level 7

There are still finds out there. My wife brought home change and I found a 1931 S cent. I have received DD. . Don't forget it gets allot of Yns into the program. When I order cents I order 1930's and up. . Thanks for the blog. No political views please.

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