Coinfox441's Blog

19 Apr 2017

Trip to D.C!!!

| Coinfox441

This month, I took a six day trip to Washington DC, Maryland. During those six days, I also went to Hersheypark and Gettysburg. At DC, I went to the head of the mints. They do not actually make coins there, but they do sell them. I bought a medal of my favorite pesident, Abraham Lincoln. I also bought the 2017 mint set. I was so excited aboit these coins, I carried them around for the next five hours while looking at the monuments. When I went to Hersheypark, I was walking into the arcade… and that is when I spotted the souvenir coins. They were not any special alloys, but I did not care. I rushed right over and bought one. I do not know which of the coins I got is my favorite, but I do know one thing: this is a trip I will never forget.

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