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10 Jul 2018

Small start to a currency collection

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This June I got to go to the Currency Show in Kansas City. As I wrote in my last blog post I was trying to start a currency collection so that is one reason me and my family went. To start of my collection with some paper money that wasn’t too expensive, I bought a five dollar red seal series 1953 A. I also bought Disney dollars while I was at the show although they aren’t for my currency collection necessarily I bought them for a display I am going to do on Disney dollars soon.The main reason I chose the red seal five dollar bill to start my collection was because I already had one that someone gave me but it wasn’t in very good condition so I got an almost uncirculated one. It’s a lot nicer to look at than a wrinkled one!

02 Jul 2018

Saving money can backfire...in this case

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I recently started collecting paper currency but I was having problems finding currency that wasn't way too expensive. Anyways while I was looking for cheaper currencies I came across some interesting information. We went to the library and got two currency books one from 2009 and the other from 2017. I compared the notes that I was interested in between the books and the prices were quite different but not at all the way that I expected.

19 Mar 2018

The National Money Show in Texas

National Money Show | The Paginator

This year my family went to Irving Texas for the National Money Show. The main reason we went there though was because I did a money talk on World War II Emergency currency and I put a display in on Kennedy half dollars. The three World War II currency's I talked about were the Victory Note, North African Yellow Seal Certificate and the Hawaii note. It was a new experience for me so it was a little scary. Although I earned 250 YN dollars for doing it so that was the best part! I didn't get any awards for my display but that was OK because it was my first time and a learning experience.

15 Sep 2017

Two dollar bills!!!

Paper Money - United States | The Paginator

What is the deal with $2 bills? Will the government ever stop printing them and why do people think they are they so rare? The bill has gone through a unique past. It’s past reflects the history of the United States and it is one of the most uncommon bills ever made in the US!

06 Sep 2017

The Arcane Susan B Anthony Dollar?

Coins | The Paginator

It all started when my dad and I went to Starbucks my dad handed the guy there 2 Susan B Anthony dollars and some change and the guy kept telling him he needed more money because he didn't realize they were worth a dollar. That’s when I realized that most people don't know what a Susan B Anthony Dollar is. So I decided to do a survey on the High School students at my school. The most common answer I got for my survey was she was an Indian Lady, the denomination was San Francisco which was funny because the answer was on the coin and most people had a random answer for how many years it was made. So because lots of people don't know what a Susan B Anthony Dollar is I am going to tell you.

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