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05 Oct 2020

Thank You @CentSearcher!

| TheNumisMaster

Hi again guys! Sorry about the inactivity... I have been very busy with school and such, and helping all the other YN's and the I.A.Y.C! I recently purchased some coins from CentSearcher (DM him for a link to his eBay store, I double-checked and he literally has the best prices on the site!). Anywho, I bought these three pennies... I got a BU 1961 cent, a proof (also from 1961) as well as a specimen from the same year, but from the Denver mint. I am super satisfied with my new coins, and got them for an AMAZING price! Have a good one ya'll, and stay safe!Cheers,NM


Stella Fanatic

Level 2

What was the price?


Level 5

I dont discuss prices here.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Love those early Memorial Cents, Lincoln certainly looked different back then. Thanks for sharing your wonderful acquisition.


Level 6

Beautiful! Nice addition to your collection ; )

The dies were pretty worn in 61, but the proofs still have some of the detail. I saw a 69 cameo 61 proof at a coin show yesterday. It was beautiful, but I didn't bother asking what the price was. Great pickups!

some nice lincoln cents there, congrats


Level 6

I have not seen a three coin 2x2 before. Looks nice. Great coins. I'm glad your happy. School comes first. You are doing very well here. Thanks.


Level 5

Thank you LS! I try my best.


Level 5

I like that year, it's special to this old guy. Just ordered a 1961 proof Lincoln Cent myself. Nice coins and blog. Later!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Great looking cents!


Level 5

Nice set. I always liked the 3 coin cent holders. Having all 3 coins in one 2x2 always made me happy. There are deals out there! Just have to be patient !!


Level 6

Nice looking coins


Level 7

Enjoy them!!

Nice post

can't go wrong with CentSearcher


Level 5

True that!

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