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03 Jan 2021

Coin Thoughts #110 by "SUN"

Medals | "SUN"


One of the largest mint medal was a 105mm medal featuring Major General Ulysses S. Grant.

The obverse features Grant's bust with the legend "Major General Ulysses S. Grant Joint resolution of Congress December 17, 1863." surrounded by a wreath and 13 stars. The names Antrobus. D and Paquet. F are below the bust.

The reverse shows and allegorical vignette of Commerce looking down on two views, "Vicksburg" to the left and "Chattanooga" to the right, separated by the trophies of war. Commerce holds a plaque labeled "Donelson" in her right hand while her left covers part of a cornucopia with a furled cloth. To the left of the figure is an eagle graphing the cloth in its beak. In a circular part representing the "Mississippi River " with four steamboats.

On May 5, 1864, Paquet made a contract with John Antrobua, who represented the Treasury Department, to execute the Grant dies within seven months for a fee of $2200. The gold medal contains 28,77 ounces of fine gold , was struck in January of 1865. The medals also exists in non-metallic substances, gutta-percha and leather. The mint made restrikes medals for collectors in 76mm size.

Reference: Medals of the United States Mint, the First Century 1792-1892 by R.W. Julian


Fantastic medal, what if they were damaged in the Civil war?

Long Beard

Level 5

Oh my. I need one to frame for my wall.

Has anyone ever published a book on Grant coinage, tokens and medals? I'd bet he's a close second to Washington.


Level 6

Beautiful medal SUN. It sure is in great shape. Thanks for the history.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Love it, what a beautiful reverse design and that size must make for an impressive display. Thanks for sharing.


Level 7

One of the best medals I have seen. I have looked for these and failed to find them. I did find one of Andrew Jackson. But not in this style. This is a classic design. I love the medal and the story. It seems that these are hiding in me. ! Thanks my friend for sharing this great story and history.


Level 5

Also not a fan of General/President Grant, but love President Lincoln's response when others complained about his drinking, "Find out what he drinks and send a case of it to all my Generals" , nice blog!


Level 5

Sure it isn't a plate? Would like to find one of those! Maybe the restrike version at 76mm size. Very interesting. Thanks


Level 5

It's a nice medal! Thanks for sharing. Cheers, NM

That gold would have seemed expensive, but nearly as such as today. A $60k medal just melt alone.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I'm not particularly a fan of Grant, but that medal is a beauty! I'm not sure how the reverse goes with the obverse, but both sides are well executed and this is an elegant medal, to be sure!

Long Beard

Level 5

Always like John Hunt Morgan.


Level 5

Beautiful and historic medal. It would something to see that gold medal in person. Over 28 ounces....wow.

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