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02 Feb 2023

Coin Thoughts #129 by "SUN"

Tokens | "SUN"



Utah, The Beehive State, is introducing a new state flag with a Beehive in the center. The current flag has the State Seal. The white represents snow covered mountains, the red represents the red rocks in southern Utah, the part of the country where I decided to enjoy retirement living (had lived in Nebraska). Had to include a couple of photos showing the red rocks in Zion National Park, 25 miles from my house. Zion National Park had 4.8 million visitors in 2022. The Beehive on the flag reminded me of a Patriotic Civil War Token in my collection.


The Civil War Token is know as 188/384. The father and son duo of George and Melvin Fuld, experts in the research of Civil War Tokens assigned numbers to the different die designs.. The lower number is considered the obverse. The die was designed by Charles D. Horter and the tokens were struck by Emil Sigel. The token is listed as a R3 on the rarity scale which means that between 501 to 2000 are believed to exist.


I cannot believe I have been blogging for almost 10 years.. On Valentine's Day 2013 I had major back surgery that last 6 1/2 hours. While recouping and wearing a plastic turtle shell for 13 weeks I wrote my first blog. I have seen many blogger come and go. I have communicated and made some VERY GOOD friends on the site, or should I say, some MINT STATE friends. Mike always keeps in touch with me. I even was able to meet Longstrider and Kepi for lunch one day on my travels. We had good food and great conversation at Applebee's. It was like we knew each other for years. I want to thank everyone for reading my blogs and commenting on them. "SUN" Southern Utah Numismatist.


A Guide Book of Civil War Tokens by Q. David Bowers
Patriotic Civil War Tokens 1861-1865 by the Civil War Token Society based on the works by George and Melvin Fuld.


Long Beard

Level 5

Utah is near the top of my list, Arches and Capitol Reef were simply spectacular (Although the latter are white). I threw open my tent flap to see those red rocks shining in the morning sun more than once! Thanks for bringing back the memories.


Level 6

Beautiful token and photos! I love that new beehive flag motif... But I guess I'm partially because Longstrider and I are beekeepers! haha Thanks SUN, we also really enjoyed having lunch with you guys...Just like old friends! ; )


Level 4

Beautiful token! And congratulations on ten years! That's a great milestone, and definitely one to be proud of!


Level 5

Nice token! It’s very interesting.


Level 5

Wish I would of collected civil war tokens! Really enjoy seeing them.

Civil war tokens are connected to a very interesting part of american history.


Level 6

As a beekeeper, I love that flag. I have the token as well. It was great meeting you guys. You're right, it was like we knew each other for years. Very fun. I have enjoyed your blogs/thoughts on this site since I joined. Thanks SUN great blog as usual.


Level 7

Great blog and token. I have seen this it is beautiful. Your lucky that's sounds like a wonderful place to live. Great history and a great coin. Thanks for taking your time . I collect these so I know how great they are. All History

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