23 Apr 2016

follow up on going ons

Library | CASINO NUT

well yesterday I received the copy of the 2017 mega red book that I had preordered on April 1st from wizard coin supply much bigger then I though it would be much more info then the regular edition from what I have read so far I believe it will be a very useful and informative book that I recommend to all collectors from beginners to the most advanced well thanks for reading and hope you all have good luck in all your collecting pursuits       



Level 5

I might buy the 2020 version


Level 6

It's a must for coin collectors! Can't believe it's time for the 2018 edition!

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

That sounds like a positive purchase to make. I think I will look to see if there is a large print edition available. I like the heft and feel, and large print, of the large edition ones.


Level 4

thanks mike I also liked the section on small cents and I think I will check out the so called dollars


Level 7

Yes I bought the book. I liked the article on the so called dollars. Saw some a few years ago and paid no attention to them. Some are very nice and pricey. The small cents section was interesting. Take care. Enjoy the book. If you look closely you'll see some price drops!Mike.


Level 4

Sounds like a good book!


Level 5

Plan on building muscle as you review the book :) It is truly worth the time and money!


Level 5

I will keep this book in mind! If I win a least 3rd in the YN literary award essay contest, I might get this book. Hope you keep on learning cool stuff!

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