08 Jun 2016

follow up on new specialty

Exonumia | CASINO NUT

well I'm up and running with my new area of collecting, changing screen name from WORLD SILVER TO CASINO NUT I have about 70 gaming tokens of all denomination,(started collecting them back when I was collecting coins) 25 casino chips which I found a great source online ( vegasmaniaccollectibles.com) which has chips of all denominations and from lots of casinos both current and obsolete. several slot players cards and a few room keys from las vegas hotel/casinos, nine silver strikes  and other misc. casino memorabilia. well till next post enjoy your hobby.



Level 5

Love the name!


Level 6

That's really cool! Gaming tokens and casino chips can be worth quite alot. I have a few from my Grandpa's collection.


Level 7

Hi! Hope everything is OK! While going through a small box from my father's house I came across a one dollar token from the Mirage from Las Vegas. Now it's not in good shape it's probably been in a lot of machines but if you interested it's yours. I mean you can read everything but alot of scratches. Let me know I send you my Gmail and I'll get it out to you. If not I'll hang on to it. Mike. It's the size of an Ike dollar.


Level 5

I agree with Longstrider that photos would be great to see your collection.


Level 4

I'm sorry all but I have no way of taking/adding photos to my blog


Level 6

Thanks for the reference clue. How about a couple of photos next time? Thanks

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