25 Feb 2016

new purchases

Paper Money-World | CASINO NUT

today I bought 11 pieces of German notgeld,a 2 piece (silver & bronze) medal set from the 74th Ana convention in Houston Texas from 1965 in a custom plastic holder, and a 1984
Engelhard American prospector silver round. also today my dealer friend gave me some more coin magazines so I guest I have a lot more reading to catch up on well until next time have fun in all your collecting adventures.



Level 5

I have a few of these as well!


Level 6

More good finds! Engelhard is a really well known company!


Level 5

Sounds like some great finds! Pieces of numismatic history with plenty of stories to tell!


Level 4

thanks 7180


Level 7

You know it's nice to know what you like to collect and then find them! Sometimes there's a coin I want and I know I can look for year's and have no luck. The next thing you know you look down and there it is. You a lucky man congratulations on your pickup's they sound nice Mike.


Level 4

thanks mike I hope you have good luck in your collecting pursuits


Level 5

Notgeld paper is usually very cool-looking; fun stuff! Engelhard is a very trusted name in metals and silver is so relatively low right now; good pick up!

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