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30 Apr 2018

Favorite collections added

Coins-United States | user_14146

So I'm slowly getting some coins/collections listed.  American Silver Eagles (despite being bullion, and modern), are by far my favorite coins. I complete set is certainly a goal, but a very long-term one. I started out collecting bullion to 'store under my bed,' and a Reverse Proof Silver Eagle is the first 'coin' I purchased. So ASE's absolutely sparked my interest in coins/numismatics, and the four reverse-proofs, plus the enhanced finish, represent my first attempt at a collection.  I also had an ounce of gold bullion (Eagles & Canadian Maples), which I sold, and intend on replacing with pre-33 Gold coins.  Any serious gold sets are way out of my budget, but I figured a four-coin 'type-set' would be nice to look at...I'm just a 'Saint' away.


Michael Marotta

Level 4

The ASE is a worthy pursuit. When researching articles that I wrote for The Numismatist, I was surprised to find disparaging comments in the popular press about coins that are considered "classic" today. The Peace Dollar and Walking Liberty Half are both examples of that. So, the fact that other people are not enamored of modern coins says nothing about how those numismatic collectibles will be viewed in the future. Our local classical music station has a "Composers Datebook" feature that showcases modern music. It always closes with the reminder that all music was once modern. So, too, were all coins once bullion.

coin collector

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good idea, keep it up.


Level 6

Sounds like you have a plan! That's great. Someday I hope to add a "Saint" to my collection! : )


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Stick to the plan. You have a good one. I started out the same way. That's how I found my coin dealer. Buying SAE. After awhile he sort of steered me towards more numismatic valued coins. I still keep up my Silver Eagles with him. Not as many as you. I get a BU for my Dansco album as well as a proof. Keep it up!!! Remember, everyone here is willing to help you with any questions..


Level 6

Silver eagles are beautiful...most beautiful silver design...and a worthwhile collection. It's true, collect what you like.


Level 7

You chose a beautiful coin. A classic and it's legal tender. Sounds like you have good ideas you keep to them and you will do great. Anything I can do to help just ask. Mike.


Level 6

Good Luck! Sounds like you have a good plan.


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Sounds like you have a good plan. Collect what you like.

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