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18 Jan 2021

Chronicles of A Numismatist: Ringing in the New Year

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Good evening to all my wonderful friends and those who I may not know yet but soon well. I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful Holiday Season (I had a wonderful Christmas) and a very Happy New Year.I would love to hear of any numismatic story you had of last year or the early part of this year. Could be about anything but would love to hear.Mine is a couple of mini ones: 1) I was very active on the auction blocks last year. I did not realize how much until I calculated the total at year end and it was over several 4 figures. Which to some might be a simple drop of a bucket on their purchase ( oh and I am not asking for you to share prices or expenses, that would be rude. I am giving mine because ... well read on) but for me “Whoa Nelly” had to be yelled. Whew, I had to reign in my bidding. I was not over bidding and at times I beat dealers who were bidding against me, you can tell over time. Now many of the purchases are Cherry picked opportunities so I do intend to reholder with correct attribution to then sell, but I had to draw the line and slow my roll. I am happy to say though I will be able to use my future earnings to officially fund the future cherry picks to flip and so on and so forth. This excites me.The other is about one of my favorite past times and that is antique mall/estate sale shopping. Sometimes you can find really awesome deals. One of my numismatic areas is in the hobby of numismatic books. So at this particular Antique Mall, in the area I live around, I was snooping at the beginning of the year and they had a huge store wide sale at this particular dealer’s store. I found over 13 total Numismatic books on USCurrency errors, past yearRed Books (Hard cover and spiral), Particular US Coins, etc. All for around 1-2 bucks a piece. Also, inside this dealer’s store they rent out spaces to other dealers and specialists and tucked away in a plastic bin, back room, In 2 huge Zip Loc Bags were a bundle of Numismatic News Newspaper publications and old Coin World Newspaper Magazine publications (both of these were printed on Newspaper stock and folded like a Newspaper) I mean a huge bundle of each and got each bundle for about 6$ a piece. I have yet to go through them, but I was so excited to see those and add to the collection. I am working on my office to re-organize but when I am through I will make sure to post pictures so everyone can enjoy. For me it is about not only the coins I am after but what part of my hobby’s history can I be the lucky one to find, acquire if possible, and conserve for future owners. It is such a blast. Well, time to go work on a few projects but until the next time, happy collecting.



Level 5

I really do need to buy some good numismatic books to read during quarantine. Great story!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Sounds like you had an excellent 202 despite Covid. Here's to all us having similar enjoyment in 2021.


Level 5

What a story! I hope you have fun being a busy man, because wow! Haha, cya 'round!


Level 6

I sure wish CA would open back up. Thanks.


Level 5

Sounds like you made a goog haul. I like those kind of places!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Sounds like you are going to be very busy!


Level 5

I've been looking for books for our coin club library. Always nice to find good inexpensive books.

A dealer who rents space to others? Sounds neat, maybe we should just have a large warehouse where all dealers come for a full time coin show.

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