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31 Oct 2020

A Very Successful PAN Show (but w/o me)

| Mokie

My report about this fall’s PAN show will be short and painful.  As many of you know, I have been managing the PAN KidZone at the show for the last two years.  Of course, our Spring show was cancelled due to COVID, and our ongoing Fall show had been scaled down quite a bit but I thought, OK, it will still be fun and the Kids will still enjoy themselves. 

Then COVID reared its ugly head in my household, my Wife started feeling ill this past Tuesday and thought she might have Covid. By Wednesday morning she was feeling a little worse.  Since it was literally the day before the show started, I had to email Pat McBride the show runner to let him know we had a possible COVID infection in the Johnson household and I would not be able to volunteer during the run of the show, 29-31 October.

Lisa and I have both had our nasal swabs taken on Friday, but we still do not have results.  I have had a mild (like in the mid 99-degree range) fever and that appears to be my only possible symptom.  Lisa is also feeling much better but of course, many folks have been infected without even realizing it and the coin show is heavily attended by older folks, some of whom are not in the best of health.  So out of an abundance of caution, I could not attend.

I did end up going to the show venue for an hour, Since I had most of the supplies for the KidZone, I felt an obligation to deliver them and help set up the KidZone table.  The area we were allotted for the KidZone was much smaller than usual but plenty of room for some minor Halloween decorating, putting out the auction lots, putting out the freebies, and generally getting ready for the onslaught.  I arrived two hours before the doors opened so the floor was very sparse and it was easy to maintain miles of distance between myself, the dealers, and the other volunteers.  Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well, and the Kids have a good experience.  I can’t wait for our Spring 2021 show and back to normal procedures (hopefully). 

PS- Pat, the Showrunner, told me the attendance on Thursday and Friday was higher than normal, I think there is a lot of pent-up demand among us numismatists.  (:


Hope everyone gets better and fast.


Level 4

Hey Mokie! So sorry you had to miss the PAN show and the fun zone with the kids. Hopefully someone got some good photos of the kids enjoying the kid zone so you can see how the prep you did paid off. One of these times I hope to get out there myself. It's not impossibly far, just so many things all needing time and attention these days. Get well soon!


Level 6

Hey Mokie, Sending good thoughts to the whole Johnson family! Feel better soon ; ) I'm glad that you we're able to set up the KidZone while still being kinda "incognito"... Take care ; )


Level 6

I hope the mighty Johnson Family recovers swiftly. That sucks. I know how much you enjoy givving back to the kids. You will kill it nxt time. Oh cvourse you did the right thing. We have a saying in italian: "Ancora una volta, all mia famiglai." Meaning basically, Once again all for my family. Get well.


Level 5

I also think you did the responsible thing Mokie ! Hope you folks get to feeling better for sure. You and your wife are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe my friend !


Level 5

Way to stay safe! Sorry you couldn't attend. Sounds like a solid success tho! Cheers, NM


Level 6

Sorry to hear your story. Stay safe and well as possible.


Level 5

Hope you guys are better. Maybe someone snapped more photos of the display for you to show us? Either way, you did the right thing. I hope you and your wife get better quickly. Take Care, Later!


Level 5

Though I know that you are deeply disappointed, I am glad that you and your wife feel better. Without knowing if you have COVID, you did the only thing responsible by thinking of others' health. There will be other shows, and one of these days, fate will draw you and me to a common show!

Glad to hear both you and your wife are feeling better. It could have been a lot worse. Hopefully you can make it to the next show. Keep Safe!


Level 5

Sorry to hear Mokie. The wife and I are thinking of you and Lisa. Get well soon ! I attended Friday with my wife for a couple hours and told the wife I was looking for the Mokie from the ANA site. A couple of my fellow Harrisburg coin club members also said they were going. Show was really nice. Bought the wife a coin, and she bought me a coin. Bought a couple PAN coffee mugs. Talked to Coneca and West Penn coin club. Normal talk with dealers. See you at Spring show !


Level 6

So glad you had a good time, Those mugs are so nice, just wish ANA would also let us buy a mug or two. (: I will most definitely be at the May show. Looking forward to seeing Longbeard and You.


Level 7

You know were I stand. It hurts but you did the right thing. Family first . Your life is not worth the price of a coin. Your family is were you belong you know that. This hideous virus strikes and you get scared. There will be shows. I have waited this long a little while longer won't make a difference. I would of loved to see your exhibit. I think you said you made one. . Prayers still coming your way. . The kids.Will have a good time. That's because of your devotion to them. Be well be safe.!!! See you at the next one!!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Hey Mokie, so sorry about your wife and hope she is feeling better, and I'm sorry you didn't get to do your thing at the show. Here's to a better upcoming Numismatic year. Thanks for all you give back to the community!

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