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23 Jul 2021

A Time To Adjust

Collecting Tips | user_16113

I’ve found it hard to collect coins resently as the world uses more credit cards and debit cards. But, I’ve also found ways to collect and adjust to this time and even with the covid 19 crisis. Go to your local bank. I’ve even made friends with some of the tellers and they’ll set aside coins for me. Asablish a trading place with people. You might just find the thing that you need for that date hole in your album. Learn, learn, learn. If you can’t do anything, learn what you can. You could just learn something that you never knew. Last, join clubs and face book groups and talk with other people. You can swap knowledge and tips. You can still collect and more specific learn knowledge is power.



Level 3

I'll do just that!


Level 5

Good tips. Funny story, one time I actually found a debit card while metal fishing!!!


Level 6

All great advise! Contacts are out there. ; )


Level 6

Well said.


Level 6

Try make as many contacts ass possible


Level 5

Joining a club and attending coin shows you can make lots of friends in the hobby. Read all the coin books.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Great ideas for new numismatists


Level 7

Twenty seven for me

Long Beard

Level 5

Some very sound advice. Much of which I've been doing for the past forty-five plus years.

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