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21 Jan 2022

Mint Announces Prices for New Purple Heart Commemorative Program

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Mid January 2022

Special News:
Future Special Selection news articles will feature two individual stories. My Special Selection guarantee is that the news will be informative and true. Now to the news. Our article today will go into the Purple Heart Medal commemoratives and what this set of coins look like for collectors. Hope you enjoy!


The US Mint has made another one of a popular type of commemorative, Military service honor. These MSHs as I call them, are made to honor veterans and military personnel. This one is the same only specific to one group, combat wounded. In case you do not know this, a Purple Heart is a medal awarded to combat wounded soldiers. This commemorative coin set is two things. A way to make more money while honoring veterans. And B. A way to keep collectors interested in their unique set of commemorative products. By doing these two things the Mint stays in business and gives collectors the things they want. The prices have been released for the halves and the silver dollars listed here:

The prices are not yet given for the gold $5 coin

Proof Dollars: $74 a piece

Unc. Dollars: $69 a piece

Proof Halves: $35 a piece

Unc. Halves: $33 a piece

Colorized Silver Dollar(more below): $95

These prices are high, but according to my research last year they were more! This product is cheaper for one reason, they still are able to change the price but will draw collectors in with this. In 2021 for a Proof silver dollar it was $79 a piece. And for an Unc. silver dollar it was $74! The halves were each three bucks more a piece last year! The final thing I would like to inform you is that there will also be a colorized silver dollar with a minor mintage of only 25,000. I think the premium is very high for a coin with only one spot colorized. But that is the nature of the Mint. For more information directly contact me if you are my friend or follow me to ask a question. Thanks for reading,

Novice Numismatics Writing Team

This article in this series is written by Novice Numismatics Writing Team


AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

You made an excellent commerative blog .

Unc dollars for $69... they're getting lower.


Level 4

Nice info. Weird they are so overpriced.


Level 5

That looks like a good commemorative! Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

Nice blog! We'll see how these go when they are released. ; )


Level 6

The Military Service Honor are for all branches of the military. Not just the army. I don't believe anything the mint says. We will see what the prices are when the item goes on the block. Thanks.


Level 4

I must have inferred that although I never said it.

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Surprised about your news . Honor all veterans . These coins will be highly sought. Keep on blogging. Good luck .


Level 5

I had not read about these commemoratives yet either. I do get their news letter, but recently I haven’t read it. I normally don’t collect commemoratives unless they have a special meaning for me I don’t own a Purple Heart 💜 but I may reconsider this set if the opportunity presents itself. Thanks for sharing!


Level 7

I read the news from the mint. I will probably pick up a Purple Heart. Just to honor those who won one.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I will have to get the Dollar, my Dad received a Purple Heart in World War II after surviving a Japanese bomber attack in New Guinea. Not only did he get the medal, but he also retained the piece of Japanese shrapnel they pulled out of him. I still have both. My Father and Mother are interred in the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies in Bridgeville PA.


Level 5

Great. I personally don’t like colorized coins. Maybe that’s just me.


Level 5

Did not know about these. Thanks for the information. I always look at the mintage. I guess I am into low mintage items. I probably will not purchase. Thanks for the nice informative blog. Keep them coming.

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