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29 Jul 2017

1937 D Three Legged Buffalo Nickel

| Coinlover1899

I thought this was a cool coin. I purchased it at a fairly low price. Genuine - Moth-Eaten back leg, E and P in E Pluribus Unum are not touching the bison's back. I have assessed quite a few of these coins, and have never seen one this beat up.
Thanks for looking at my Beast-of-a-3-Legger,



Level 5

Very nice coin! Now that I wouldn't worry about putting in a folder!


Level 6

Boy, that is one jacked up 3 legged Bison. Strangely compelling though. I like it...Don't forget it has the raised arc of bumps, "pee", leading to the ground. It's got it all. Nice coin. Thanks!!


Level 5

This is a coin worth having to show around and not worrying about it.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

it is a very interesting coin to look at


Level 5

Nice addition. That is one anybody should be glad to add to their collection.


Level 6

I think it is a nice find for your collection.


Level 6

I love this example of the 3- Legged Buffalo! And it's the real thing too! Thanks for sharing it! : )


Level 6

Hey, a 3-leg is a 3-leg, an interesting coin. Great photos.


Level 7

Thanks for taking the time for your story and picture. There are plenty beat up. This one looks good compared to others. I got lucky with a 38D MS 67. Not worth much though I was surprised. There are a lot out there. Thanks again Mike.

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