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02 Jun 2017

Two of my Flowing Hairs!

Coins-United States | Coinlover1899

Here are two of my Flowing Hairs! The flowing hair dollar is my first one, I recently purchased it at the Vegas Coin Show. The coin has light graffiti on the obverse that says "JBT", but still in fairly decent shape for 1795! It is a tad off center, making one side of the coin's rim almost nonexistent. It is of the 3-leaf variety. Probably in VG condition. Possibly cleaned.For those of you who haven't held a flowing hair dollar, they are bigger than your regular morgan!It weighs 26.2 grams, and has a diameter of 39-40 mm. The flowing hair dollar was minted from 1794-1795, it was the first US dollar coin. In 1795, it was succeeded by the draped bust dollar, which is not quite as sought after as this one. I am quite excited with thisacquisition! The edge reading reads, "HUNDRED CENTS ONE DOLLAR OR UNIT." I collect early silver and copper, so this is an incredible coin to add to my collection!

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