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06 Sep 2019

find of the day

Coins-United States | user_17552

Today, in a role of quarters, I found a proof quarter, 2002 Louisiana. This got me to thinking. This coin was never meant to be spent, but it somehow ended up in circulation. so my question is why and how did this happen.

29 Aug 2019

Star Note Lookup Info

Paper Money-U.S. | user_17552

I have decided to research. I have learned a lot since looking into star serial number paper currency. I have always loved star bills, as some call them, but now I understand better how their value works. Star serial numbers are created when a bill of a certain serial number has to be destroyed because it had an error. Since the government doesn't allow the same number to be used twice, a star is added instead of the letter that was once there.

28 Aug 2019

Paper Currency Question

Paper Money-U.S. | user_17552

I can't upload a picture but I will give description. I have a $5 bill 2013. The serial number is MF00009792* So my question is, is this bill worth keeping and of an increased value as a result of its serial number?

27 Jun 2019

First purchase on my own

Coins-United States | user_17552

Yesterday I made my first purchase on my own. I purchased a Franklin half dollar. I only spent $8.99 for it, and I got it via ebay. The pictures made it look like a decent quality coin. Hope I made a good buy. We shall see.

23 Jun 2019

Strange Interests

Tokens | user_17552

I have always had a fascination with coins, tokens, and replicas. When I was a kid I had a Huge novelty penny that was almost big enough to be a coaster for a drink. And when I was a teen someone found a strange token when doing some yard work, and they gave it to me. Need to find out if I still have those somewhere. I have always collected little things, like wheat pennies, foreign coins I found at work (which I have a ton of, working in a college town for many years), and random old or 90% silver coins and two silver certificate Blue ink pre-war paper dollars. But with recent years, talking to my dear friend David Smock, and with the West Point Quarters emerging, I find myself now searching for them like crazy. I have been luck enough to find 22 Lowell fresh from the mint quarters, but still on the look out for the others that are out. And now my interests have grown to odder things. I am on the look out for a novelty coins. the Area 51 Alien 2004 Quarter.

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