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27 Mar 2020

Coin Collecting and Coronavirus

| copper coin collector

Hey everyone, it's been a while...Recently the world as we know it has been flipped upside down by the 'Coronavirus' or COVID-19. It has even affected the relatively small hobby of coin collecting. Coin shops around us have undoubtedly been closed, and many of us are probably quarantined. Still, there are still ways to enjoy our hobby from home. For example, collectors can still order coins online from sites like ebay. We can also spend this time reading up on the hobby to gain knowledge. Another way to pass time, which I have found enjoyable, is looking at our collections. Some of our coins may have collected dust, forgotten in some corner of a safe. While looking through my collection I found a silver Roosevelt dime, dated 1956. I remembered finding this coin in a coin roll over 4 years ago. I think it was the first silver coin I had ever found in change. I remember being so proud of that dime. Anyways, you might find a coin you forgot you owned, which is always a nice surprise.

19 Feb 2020

Liberty Nickels I Bought Today

| copper coin collector

Hello, coin collectorsToday I went to the coin shop planning to pick up a couple of nice Liberty Nickels for my collection. I planned to buy some older coins in VF-XF grades. Upon arrival, I saw a nice 1883 'with cents' nickel in VF-XF condition priced at $50 (the exact red book price). There was also a nice XF 1903 nickel priced at $30 (slightly below red book price). I bought the coins for $75. Then, I bought a Whitman™ Liberty Nickel folder for a few dollars. Now I have four coins in my new collection. 1) 1883 'no cents' 2) 1883 'with cents' 3) 1903 and 4) 1911. All coins are in nice VF-XF condition.Thanks for reading, copper coin collector

02 Feb 2020

$1,500... BUT WORTH IT!

| copper coin collector

Hey everyone,I'm really excited to be writing about what I did yesterday, but first, we have to rewind about a week and a half. Remember the 131 silver dollars and 84 40% silver half dollars I said that I inherited? If not, I'm not surprised, because that was a blog from long ago. Anyways, I'll fill you in. 3 or 4 years ago, I inherited these aforementioned silver dollars and half dollars. For a while, I didn't know what to do with them, but recently, I decided that, since they were common and not worth more than spot price, that I should sell them and put the money into my Wheat Cents collection. I did just that a week ago, and I got $2,100 from Coins & Currency of Wayne, PA for the whole hoard. Then, just yesterday, I went to my favorite coin shop, owned by Mike, who I have mentioned in my previous blogs. There were four coins which I particularly liked. 1. A 1909 S VDB Wheat Cent PCGS AU-58, 2. 1909 S Wheat Cent PCGS AU-58, 3. 1931 S Wheat Cent NGC MS-63 RB, and 4. 1908 S Indian head cent NGC VF-30. The original price for all four coins was $1680, but Mike, the shop owner, made the price $1500 for me. I still have $600 left over from the silver dollar sales, plus $450 that I had previously saved. I'll probably use most of the $600 on a VF-XF 1914 "D". I am really happy to have these coins!Thanks for reading, copper coin collector

23 Jan 2020

At The Wilmington Coin Show #2

| copper coin collector

Hey everyone,I just realized that I forgot to tell you about the people I met at the Wilmington Coin Show! (some of these people you may know, while others you may not) I met George Mavrelos, who owns Pennies Pounds & Pesos (in Media, Pennsylvania) I also met John Bachman of Bach's Coin Box, as well as the almost famous Kenny Sammut of Numismatics With Kenny! All three are great people who know a lot about our hobby, and I'm glad to know them!Thanks for reading,

18 Jan 2020

What I did at the 2020 Wilmington Coin Show

| copper coin collector

Hello, numismatic friends,Today I went to the annual Wilmington (DE) Coin Show. It is the first time I've been to a coin show, and I had a great time! I attended the YN program and got a few free foreign coins as well as a 2013 $1 star note. Oh, and I also got a free Mercury Dime. After the YN program was over, I looked through many coins that dealers were offering and bought a 1922 'D' wheat cent in VF condition for $20. I will attend another coin show if I get the chance.Thanks for reading, copper coin collector

01 Jan 2020

Washington Quarter Designs

| copper coin collector

Hey, Everyone I'm back!So, the main article in this month'sThe Numismatistwas mainly about Laura Gardin Fraser's submitted design for the Washington Quarter Dollar. The article stated that John Flanagan's design (the design on the obverse of the current quarter) was picked over Fraser's but went on to say that the preferred design by most people was Fraser's design. Of course, Fraser's work is on the 1999 $5 gold bicentennial commemorative of George Washington's death. I actually prefer Flanagan's work to Fraser's, and am glad that his design is on the quarter dollar, but I would like your opinions. Do you prefer the Fraser or Flanagan design? Tell me in the comments below.Thanks for reading, copper coin collector

05 Dec 2019

New Coin Shop, Great Experience!

| copper coin collector

Hello, ANA members...Yesterday, after school, I went to a coin shop that I have not visited before. I hoped for a good experience and also to pick up a few nice coins for my collection. In spite of these expectations, the time I spent there was waaay better than I had ever imagined. When I entered the shop, I was greeted by a man probably in his 50s (a pretty average coin shop owner, to be honest) and his dog, Dave who happened to be spending the day at the shop. He was very friendly and informed me that if I wanted to look at anything, I could ask him and he would get it out. I asked to take a look at his box of wheat cents for sale, mainly to look for that 1948 "S" that I haven't been able to find yet. Fortunately, I found a BU example in the box and took it for $3. After that, I requested to look through a box of Liberty nickels behind the counter. While looking through the Nickels, I found a nice VF 1911 coin, and bought it for $10. (By then I had spent most of the $15 I brought) After my purchases, I asked him about coin shows and clubs and what his recommendations were. He referred a few people to me who could help me find a coin club that was right for me. I had a very informative conversation with him about coin shows/clubs, and then left, encouraged by the positive experience I had just had.Thanks for reading, copper coin collector

04 Nov 2019

The promised blog

| copper coin collector

Hello again...I'm back with news from the coin shop! I didn't pick up any American coins as I usually do. Instead, last Saturday I searched through the junk bin and talked coins for most of the time. All of the sudden, an item in the junk bin caught my eye. The reason it caught my eye was because it looked like the very worn reverse of a Seated Liberty coin. Turns out, this coin was copper, and it was minted in 1863. It was a 5 cent coin from France with Napoleon III on the obverse and an eagle on the reverse. The shop owner (I'll call him 'Mike' because that's his name) said I could have it for 75 cents, so I bought it. After that, I asked him if he had much foreign paper money. Mike said he did so I looked through it, mainly for foreign military payment certificates ('military money' as I like to call it). I found a British Armed Forces 5 New Pence note and a Russian note from 1951 that I could identify as military money with the help of Google Translate. Mike said I could have these for free and he gave me a currency slip to go with them.Thanks for reading, copper coin collector

02 Nov 2019

Coin shop trip

| copper coin collector

Hi, everyoneI'm taking a trip to my coin shop today, so expect me to have a good blog Sunday/MondayThanks for reading, copper coin collector

02 Oct 2019

I won a YN Auction!

| copper coin collector

Hi, Everyone!!First off, I did NOT win a lot in the big YN Auction on September 14 because I didn't have enough YN$. However, I didwin a nice 1940 "D" wheat cent in the regular September Auction. My winning bid was YN $170, and the coin I received was a bright red 1940 "D" wheat cent. I estimate the grade to be about MS-65. It seems to be pretty well struck, too. Definitely a very nice upgrade to my wheat cent collection!Thanks for reading, copper coin collector (C3)


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