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19 Feb 2020

Liberty Nickels I Bought Today

| copper coin collector

Hello, coin collectors

Today I went to the coin shop planning to pick up a couple of nice Liberty Nickels for my collection. I planned to buy some older coins in VF-XF grades. Upon arrival, I saw a nice 1883 'with cents' nickel in VF-XF condition priced at $50 (the exact red book price). There was also a nice XF 1903 nickel priced at $30 (slightly below red book price). I bought the coins for $75. Then, I bought a Whitman™ Liberty Nickel folder for a few dollars. Now I have four coins in my new collection. 1) 1883 'no cents' 2) 1883 'with cents' 3) 1903 and 4) 1911. All coins are in nice VF-XF condition.

Thanks for reading,
copper coin collector



Level 5

Thats some nice caoinage right there! Keep up that good work! Cheers, NM

What a great start I live Liberty Nickels too!


Level 5

I love Liberty Nickels. Sounds like the start of a real nice collection. A full set would look really nice.


Level 6

Great start. It's always nice to get a deal..Every little bit helps..Planing on going to my guy Saturday..Thanks


Level 5

Really like the Liberty Nickel. Recently bought a couple Liberty Nickel myself. Nice set to work on. Keep posting the updates, and good luck. Thanks


Level 7

Great start just keep your eyes out for them there out there and keep to a budget. I have The set except one coin 1885 some look slugs all you see is the date and that's if your lucky. The rest B.U one of two MS. Good luck!!!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Excellent start 3C, keep us posted on your progress.


Level 6

Welcome to collecting Liberty Head nickels. VF-XF make a nice collection. Most are reasonable priced in that range.

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