16 Aug 2018

My current Lincoln wheat collection consists of roughly eighty-five different pennies 41 of which are pre-1940. This collection also includes every PDS from 1949 onward. My most valuable coin is a VG 1911 S wheat, and my highest grade wheat is 1958 D in uncertified MS-64 RD or higher. I have recently acquired a nice 1909 P V.D.B, and an excellent 1928 S recently. I'm shooting for 1 key date this year. Probably '31 "S" or '14 "D"



Level 5

Sounds great! Keep them coming, let us know whenever you get your hands on any more dates that you need


Level 4

Cool! I have all of the coins from 1940 and onward, and all of the early S minkmarks except for the 1909 and the 1911, probably going to trade my early S coins and my 1922 d and 1924 d for a 1914 d or a '31 s


Level 6

Nice collection. That 1910-S sounds very good


Level 6

Sounds like a great collection! Good job and keep looking!


Level 6

That's a very respectable collection! Good luck on getting the rest. Thanks.

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