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14 Jul 2014

a widely collected coin, buffolo nickel

| IloveSilver

    Greetings, I am a young numismatist.  The buffalo nickel is a widely collected coin.  Some of the key dates are 1912s, 1913s variety 2, 1915s, 1921s so on.  The designer was James  Earle Fraser.  James used three different models of Indians to create this.  There were three mints producing this coin the Philadelphia mint, Denver mint and the San Francisco mint.     



Level 6

Thanks for the information. I have an album that I'm working on.


Level 7

I have rolls of them but no collection in a book. I liked them but I don't like the altered dates.


Level 5

thanks for the info!


Level 5

I enjoy collecting these, because you can get the old ones cheap when acid treated (like I do with the key dates!), or try and get a naturally dated coin. The Key Dates are 1913-D Type 2, 1913-S Type 2, 1914-D, 1915-S, and 1921-S; the Semi-Keys include the 1913-S Type 1, 1914-S, 1919-D, 1926-S, and 1931-S. The 1926-S and 1931-S are probably the most popular buffalo nickels. I enjoy collecting these.

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