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03 Jun 2015

Texas Coin and Currency Show

Club Exchange | Dollar Guy

I have just picked up my display of Texas Renaissance Festival Medals from the Texas Numismatic Coin and Currency Show in Arlington. I want to express my dismay at the way the exhibit chairman handled the display recognitions. He had a half page blurb in the program for the show touting the exhibits and also mentioned that his High School Coin Club had an exhibit. At the awards presentation again he touted the high school club and how well they did on the display then he proceded to award the display the peoples choice award. I just question the ethics of a display that was brought to the exhibition by the exhibits chairman and touted in the program by the same chairman. I felt like there were at least five or six other exhibitors that were swimming up stream to get a fair shake in the judging. Where was their touter for their Exhibit? Would he have let the exhibitors stand next to the judges and tout their exhibit while pointing out rule violations of others and short comings of the competitors material?

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