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04 Oct 2020

Italy's Vittorio Emanuele III and his Neo_Classical Coin Designs

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Italy began a great run of Neo-Classical coin designs beginning in 1908, and then with their commemorative coin series of 1911, on their 50th Anniversary of Unification. The most commonly available, and very affordable, example is the 10 Centesimi of this one year type. At first glance the reverses look the same but the silver 5 Lire and gold 50 Lire feature a modern steam war ship rather than a wooden ship. Either way it's a bold, dramatic and iconic way to celebrate your 50th.There's a nice article on these coins, and others of Vittorio Emanuele III, in the Oct. 2020 issue of the "Numismatist." Check it out on page 39 at this link: http://onlinedigitalpublishing.com/publication/frame.php?i=673359&p=&pn=&ver=html5



Level 5

Some beautiful coins. I think it would take many lifetimes to learn the history of Numismatics around the World.

It's Mokie

Level 6

Quite a beautiful set and something I have never seen before. Thanks for sharing, it is a stunning set.


Level 6

These are beautiful! I especially like the "older" version of the ship ; )


Level 5

Those are some classically beautiful coins. I really enjoy the coins from this era.


Level 5

Excellent post and Numismatist article. I currently own the 10C you have pictured. I also have the 5C which you do not have pictured but is briefly covered in the Numismatist article. I have several other Italian coins from the early 20th century before WWII and they are all exceedingly beautiful. I was also unaware of Vittorio Emanuele III's interests as a numismatist. Good stuff, learn something new all the time.

Hello again! If you would not have mentioned it, I would have totally missed the small difference in the reverses. SUch attention to detail. Thanks for the blog!


Level 6

Those are beautiful. I prefer the reverse of the silver. I will definitely read that article. Thanks for the heads up. He was a numismatic hero. I found a great seller for these. He lives in Transylvania. No lie. It's on the cancelled stamps. I even save the stamps and I don't collect them. Thanks and welcome back.


Level 7

Welcome Back!!


Level 5

I always thought that Italian coins from that period to about 1947 were some of the nicest designs in Europe at that time. Thanks for the Blog.


Level 5

Beautiful coins. Must of been a great 50th. Love the reverses and the two ships.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I enjoy collecting Italian coins, thanks!


Level 5

Fascinating.... Ill check out that link. Cheers, NM

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