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18 Jun 2022

Numismatics Solely for Pleasure

Coins in the Classroom | NumismaJerry

I do part-time substitute teaching here in The United States. I do have some shredded currency, that I obtained from our Federal Government. I also have a lot of coinage and metals from the British Mint, as well as the U.S. Mint. I prefer to purchase, or invest, with sovereign mints like the British Mint, as well as our U.S. Mint. I'd like to share more my love of Numismatics with my students, but I'm not sure how to approach this. Having inherited a small collection from one of my grandparents, collecting is a close thing to my heart, as well as a passion. While I do enjoy other things, I have often tried to turn coin collecting into a profession. However, at this point I prefer to keep it a hobby, as the dynamics of professional numismatics leaves me frustrated and downtrodden, due especially to the gossip and egomania that can go on in the profession. Thus, I might be dubbed the Lone Ranger of Collecting and Numismatics, at least when it comes to sharing with my fellow collectors, especially in my home state.

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