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09 Jul 2018

Grading service preferences and questions

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Hi gang - IGC? NGC? PCGS? Seems PCGS is most respected? Thoughts?

IF going to a show, I've read the appraiser (for free or low cost) will give an approximate grade and/or determine if coins are fake. This would be helpful, as I have quite a cache of unslabbed Morgan Silver Dollars and a few unslabbed St. Gaudens, among others.

Thoughts to share with me, somewhat of a novice?



Level 2

Thank you all for your comments - what are thoughts about this...looking to liquidate my collection of new bullion and slabbed (mostly Saint Gaudens, about 50 of them)....looking into CAC and MAC certifications...your thoughts? Seems like you can realize quite a premium if you've got the goods - I've been out of the coin world for about 9 years, so I wasn't aware of these designations until TODAY at the FUN Show in Orlando!! All thoughts are welcomed!!


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You have 50 Saints? Dang!!!!!


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A lot of dealers will help you decide which coins are good candidates for grading. At that point, NGC and PCGS are the only real choices. ANACS is good but they don't get the respect that the other TPG's get.

I recently received an email from PCGS about becoming a member. As an ANA member I already get NGC for free, and use it a lot. Has anyone checked out what PCGS is offering and what costs are compared to NGC?


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I like NGC myself. I prefer how the coin looks in their holder. Good luck on your submissions!


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PCGS is more respected, but I think NGC is better for your more rare coins. As the others have said, NGC is a part of the ANA membership, you get direct submission, but make sure your coins are worth the slabbing/grading price(s) before you send them in. Hope that helps you any. :)


Level 7

The ANA has the same program with NGC . I deal with them and my opinion is that NGC gets more respect especially with high price coins.. What St. Gardens would you slab? NGC has a large variety of holders.


Level 6

Wow!1 You have an expensive collection. I like NGC. It comes with our ANA membership. It just a personal choice. This will scare everyone but I also like ANACS for VAM's and Varieties. Just make sure your coins are worth the approx. $60 to slab.. Good luck. Hope for no cleaned or counterfeits..


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I would recommend the same NGC or PCGS but anything over two thousand dollars. You don't know how rare they are your in the dark. Prices vary on the grading depending on the value of the coins.

I recommend NGC over PCGS, except for coins well over $10,000.


Level 6

I like both NGC and PCGS.

Unless the Morgans are really worth it, I wouldn't slab them. I would, however, slab the St. Gardens. I would choose NGC, although PCGS is more respected, with an ANA membership you get direct submission, also I think their holders look better.

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