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20 Feb 2015

No More Pennies? What Say You?


Since it is too expensive to mint pennies, and people are starting to think it best not to mint pennies, what say you? My idea was that they should retire the same way as dollars and half dollars have: No more circulation issues, only collector-strikes. It would be nice if they made coins for collectors only.

Also, what would you do if they stopped minting pennies? I would go and get 2 boxes of pennies from the bank and keep them in the box to search someday.

If you have any opinions, please comment.


l agree!!


Level 4

Pennies will Circulation for now. But get rid of then I didn't think so.


Level 4

On one hand, we should, but on the other hand we shouldn't. People would probably hoard more of the pennies in circulation then they do now. But, then the USA could get rid of debt. I agree!!


Level 5

I agree, I would hoard at least 5,000 pennies!

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