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12 Feb 2022

CherryPickYN #1

Young Numismatists Exchange | user_30405

Hello fellow cherrypickers (YN or YNH),

I was able to win this month's YN Auction lot #3, a 1981-S SBA$ in PR-69 according to PCGS. Congratulations to the winners of the other two lots, and thank you, donors, for providing awesome YN Auction lots!

Second, I got a digital microscope for Christmas and have been searching through my family's change and my personal collection (I'm the lone numismatist in my family and extended family), and I found these cents:

  1. Possibly a 1979-D 1c RPM, (pics 1-4). I want to attribute it and need help. Please give your input if you think it is actually a RPM and if it has been attributed online. I already looked at coppercoins.com and couldn't verify

  2. 1979-D 1c RPM, (pics 5-6), which I actually found at the same time as the other one. It's much more obvious but I couldn't find any matches. I already looked at coppercoins.com and couldn't verify because it isn't the RPM-001 and it doesn't have double split serifs.

  3. 2019-D DDO (pics 7-12). It is from a penny and planchet set from the YN auction. I am wondering if it is reflection doubling, die deterioration, or machine doubling, you need higher magnification in order to see it.

  4. 1996 filled die (pics 13-14): got this sweet error coin while looking through my sibling's change and bought it for 25 cents! Any ideas of its value and what percentage is filled?

  5. 1964-D RPM (pic 15-16). I got my free membership through the ANA to CONECA and they sent me. Can't tell which one it is. Any thoughts?

  6. RCD-1c-1943S-108R or RCD-1c-1943S-91R. Pics 17-19. I bought a 3 coin mint mark set of steel cents, and one of them has what I think is a split die or retained cud. I found one on the cuds on coins website. Can anybody verify?

Now for other questions:

  1. I heard somebody say that you can get YN$'s from points on the website. Is this possible and where can I find more details?

  2. I bought a proof 1996 Smithsonian $1 marked $10. Yes you read me right, and it was in the young collectors set packaging. Here's my question: does the packaging bring the value up at all? My 2020 Red Book says the coin is worth $40 and in the next section it says the YCS is worth $100, but Greysheet.com says that in OGP they are the same valuewise. Could anyone reconcile the differences?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

P.S. Is there a quicker way to add the picture than individually?

P.P.S. Is anyone going to Long Beach?


Look on NGC variety plus for errors to look for.


Level 5

The first 1979-D I’m not sure of, message @CoinHunter to find out from the expert. The second looks good, but I’m not sure if it already has an attribution number or not. Have you checked strike it rich with pocket change? I have no idea about the 2019. Again, check with @CoinHunter. He’s the expert in this area.


Level 6

Great finds! Good for you! ; )


Level 6

Can't help you. There is only one photo.??


Level 7

Very well done. Keep up the good work. . Mike

AC coin$

Level 6

Great findings, good luck. You are in your way....

I forgot about the auction. Nice finds, and good luck!

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