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31 Jan 2019

Long Beach Coin Show

| Ancient Collector

Today was the opening of the Long Beach Coin Show, held three times a year at the Long Beach Convention Center.  We were promised rain which I must admit is much more acceptable than the blizzards being experienced on the East Coast.  The show runs three days, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  It used to go through Sunday, but so many dealers left early, that going Sunday was like going to a rock concert the day after the performance.  It is always a great show.  This one had a Brasher Doubloon on display along with CH XF and better historic New York Coppers from 1786 and 1787.  The show has been expanded to include Sports Memorabilia, Stamps and a few other miscellaneous items.  If I had a million dollars to spend, I still would not have had enough to get what I would want.  There was a Baldric penny for my Anglo-Saxon collection, an Aelia Flacilla gold solidus for my Byzantine Gold,  A gorgeous Alexander II Balas tetradrachm from Syria.   And on and on.  CNG had trays of ultra high quality ancients, both silver and gold.  My favorite dealer, Glenn Schinke, had loads of great ancient and medieval material.  There are dealers from all over the US and from abroad.  A few got caught in the snow and were not able to make it, but some came out a few days early, knowing bad weather was on the way.

I had originally gone only to drop off the last of my Roman Republic denarii and some US Type coins for slabbing, not to buy anything.  But like all good intentions - blah, blah, blah.  There was this absolutely perfect Athenian Tetradrachm just calling my name.  I could not resist.  Then I dropped it off to be graded and slabbed.  I have high hopes for the eventual grading.

For the US collector or Modern Foreign Collector there are loads of dealers with material ranging from fifty cent boxes to five-figure US, European, Asian and Latin American gold rarities, supply and book dealers, the US Mint and displays.  If you can make one of these shows, it is well worth the effort.  Each time I go, I realize just how lucky I am to be close to this unbelievable show.



Level 4

Nice blog. I’ve been going to this show for years (since the early 90s). Rarely is it wall to wall people like it used to be, but who knows... the internet, maybe? In any case, a world class show, where I’ve met some true numismatic luminaries such as Walter Breen and Anthony Swiatek (“Mr. Commemorative”) and purchased some of my most prized coins. Anywho, won’t be making it this time due to other commitments, but I’m glad it’s gone so well for you. Doesn’t get any better than Long Beach. Jim


Level 6

Sounds like a great show! Something for everyone. A little too far for me. Thanks for an interesting blog. ; )


Level 4

Nice report.


Level 6

Nice blog. Dealers always seem to leave a day early. I am sad to hear they are doing comics. That is what Comic Con is for as Mokiechan stated. It is just a bit to far for my screwed up body to drive to and back. maybe someday. Thanks and good luck on the grading.


Level 6

Just found out CK Shows is back on. I thought they were gone. My big mistake. They are at Long Beach right now. Just for me, they do shows in Las Vegas. Special room rates and all. Great shows. Next one is May 17-19. Palace Station. Highly recommend you check them out.


Level 7

I think the show is what you make of it. If they want to go let them go. More bargains for you. I don't know why they left but that's to your advantage. Any show can be a good one depending on you. Thanks. Mike

It's Mokie

Level 6

I have been to the Long Beach show when I lived in Oceanside, CA. It truly is a great show with something for every collector. I am not crazy about the creep of other things coming into the show, I know how that destroyed the original purpose of the San Diego Comic Con by pushing comics to the back corner and letting in every other thing from Star Trek to Hollywood. I know that Long Beach will always remain true to its core mission so my worries are pretty minimal. Great Blog Ancient Collector, brought back many fond memories of Long Beach bourse adventure.

I have heard a lot of good things about this coin show. That baldric penny would have been nice to have. Maybe one day. Thanks.


Level 6

I've never been to this show. Sounds like something for everyone. And a Brasher doubloon! You just had to buy that Athenian coin.

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