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12 Apr 2019

NCG Coins Came Home Graded

| Ancient Collector

This morning I got the last of the three groups of coins I had graded by NGC. You may remember I dropped them off at the Long Beach Show at the end of January. I am glad my pharmacy doesn't take this long to fill prescriptions, or cost as much. The prize I mentioned from the LB Show, an Athenian Tetradrachm came back Ch AU, 5 Strike, 5 Surface. It is a little shy of MS so I have no complaints. My Roman Republics were no bigsurprises. I had already submitted the best earlier, so these at XFs to Ch AUs was actually a little better than I expected, with the Censorinus a full grade better than I had expected. My one bummer coinin the group was an Octavian Imperatorial that came back VF, but even that is better than I feared, having a flat strike on the hair and a tad off-center. The last group to arrive (today) were the US Type pieces. All fairly graded with one surprise being an AU53 on the Flying Eagle (with a planchet lamination) that I had expected to come back XF and the other surprise was that the 1867 Shield with Rays came back as a Mint Error with a die break at 11:00 (it was graded AU Details). The one disappointment was the 1839 Bust Half that came back AU Details - Obverse Scratch. I was hoping for an MS-61 as it is a real beauty and definitely better than the 1832 Bust Half they graded MS Detaila some time ago.

The Long Beach Show is coming up again in June and I will be bringing in a couple of Greeks to be graded. Probably just the Demitrios Polyorkides and a Myrina Tetradrachm, although I might throw in a couple of smaller denomination silver. I might also include a Cleopatra bronze that was a gift from a friend. It is no more than Fine in my estimation, but I would like it professionally graded.

I am looking forward to the LB Show. There is going to be another installment of the Tyrants Collection that Ira Goldberg put together for a private collector. This one will be Tyrants of Rome. Lots of choice gold coins to look at and dream about.



Level 6

That's really cool! Glad you got it back safe and sound. It's always a bit nerve racking waiting to receive the submission back. Enjoy it!


Level 6

That is great. I always am worried about something coming back cleaned. It is probably smarter to buy coins already graded but more fun to send them in raw. I do try to only buy graded currency however. Nothing we can do about the time it takes except pay for a different tier. All in all, you did well. Good luck on the next lot.


Level 5

More often than not your mixed-bag results are quite a common occurrence with submissions. You gotta love those pleasant surprises though!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Next big show for me is the PAN show at the end of May. So much fun at the shows, I encourage everyone to attend a large regional show whenever possible.


Level 7

Great blog. My tokens I send in take one month sometimes two. It stinks I know. My coins come back in three weeks. I take the last page of the submission sheet. Write the coin or token then write a grade. So far over the years 93.4%. It takes me about two weeks to grade. But it has saved me allot of money. It also took twenty years.. I'm glad you did well. They have so many people in each group. Tokens four. That's why I have to wait. You did very well I like to here a great result. Enjoy them. Pat.

Whenever you send coins to be graded you're hoping for the best, but really putting your trust in the grader. The best part is accepting the results, which is what you wanted in the first place: an independent party calling the final results. I have a coin or two with a scratch that are AU but were graded AU details as well. The scratch doesn't bother me because it's still better than coming back improperly cleaned or worse. I guess your coins are like your kids. You love them even when they come home with a B= or a D-.


Level 6

It is nice that your coins have come home. Thanks for describing the grades.


Level 4

Nice completion of this mission. I am happy for you! BLESSINGS!!! Pastor Greg

You had some great results, too bad the half was scratched, it could have done some good in your collection, but it is still the same coin. Hopefully you do well on your next submissions.

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